5 Best Bathroom Paint UK (Mould Resistant & Waterproof) Reviews

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 12/06/2020

Did you want to get rid of your bathroom moulds, stains, and moisture? Are you searching for a versatile, affordable, and durable paint for your bathroom? Let me share the best bathroom paint UK that serve you best in all manners regarding durability, versatility, and affordability.

Everyone wants a modern bathroom with a classic paint finish. If you want to give your bathroom a fabulous new look, then select the paint that gives you sheen finish and fights against moisture as well as moulds.

Best Bathroom Paint Best Bathroom Paint Ronseal AMPWM750 – Bathroom Paint
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: Ronseal
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Bathroom Ceiling Paint Bathroom Ceiling Paint Dulux Easycare – Bathroom Ceiling Paint
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 1 litres
  • Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
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Behr Bathroom Paint Behr Bathroom Paint Johnstone’s – Best Paint for Bathroom
  • Colour: Brilliant White
  • Size: 2.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Johnstones
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One Coat Tile Paint One Coat Tile Paint Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: Ronseal
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Kitchen & Bathroom Paint Kitchen & Bathroom Paint HQC Kitchen & Bathroom Paint – Bathroom Paint
  • Colour: Leaf Brown
  • Size: 2.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: HQC
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These paints will also provide you with an easy wipeout option that helps you to keep your bathroom neat and clean. The poor breathability of paints is one of the major factors of causing mould and stains in the bathroom because it does not allow the moisture to evaporate out. Besides this, the bathroom paint must include the anti-microbial, washable, and tight structure’s features. These breathable paints will help you to get rid of your bathroom stains, moulds, and moisture.

Best Bathroom Paint UK

Without any further discussion, let’s read the detailed review of the best bathroom paint UK.

1. Ronseal AMPWM750 – The Best Bathroom Paint UK

best bathroom paint colors

Looking for a prime quality bathroom paint? Then the Ronseal Anti-Mould is one of the best bathroom paints to choose from our list. With its astonishing fungi resistant qualities, you need not to worry about the dirty surface and yellow stains in the bathroom.

The dimension of this paint is 11.9 x 10 x 9.9 cm while it comes up in a 0.75 litre in volume. Depending upon your bathroom wall condition and porosity it gives you a coverage of 13m2/liters.

The drying time of this paint is just 2 hours while to get fabulous white results, and two proper coats are enough. This paint is available in two colours one is white matt, and another one is white silk.

With the advanced biocide technology, this paint gives you an excellent frightening feature against all ordinary types of moulds. In addition, it also prevents the growth of moulds for up to six years, and that is its one biggest advantage upon other available bathroom paints.

It creates a protective film on your bathroom walls that resist moisture and steam as well as gives you effortless wiping features. You can apply this paint easily with a paintbrush or roller while you can also use different paint sprays models for its application.


  • Easy to apply
  • 2 hours of drying time
  • Biocide technology
  • Prevent mould growth up to 6 years
  • Two coats are enough
  • Resist moisture and steam


  • Thick paint

Why should you buy this product?

Ronseal Anti-Mould paints change your great bathroom ideas into reality. With its biocide technology and six years of protection against the moulds, it is nominated in the list of best bathroom paint. You will enjoy the brushing of this paint on your bathroom walls.

2. Dulux Easycare – Best Paint for Bathroom Ceiling UK

dulux bathroom paint

The Dulux Easycare is one of the best bathroom paints to choose from with moisture-free qualities. With the help of this paint, you can make your bathroom look become more elegant.

It is formulated to avoid excessive moisture and steam in the bathroom. The Mould-Tec technology gives protection to your painted walls against the mould. The soft sheen finish of this paint helps you to wipe the brown stains of moisture on walls easily. Moreover, its Chromalock technology provides the colour brightness for a prolonged period.

The colour pigments are scattered when the paint is wet because of its exclusive resin. When the paints dry, the molecules become closer while making a stronger bond between them. This bond allows the molecules to form a protective film on the painted surface and gives you a long-lasting result.

This Dulux Easycare paint has a box dimension of 11.5 x 11.5 x 12.3 cm while it comes up in 1 litre of volume. You can effortlessly apply this paint with a roller or a paintbrush. Besides its innovative technologies, it gives you full coverage of 13m2/litre. Its pure brilliant white colour is fitted best for both modern and traditional bathrooms while it makes brilliant shades with other colours.


  • Mould tec technology
  • Chromalock technology
  • Brilliant white colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Dulux soft sheen


  • Requires three to four coats for the perfect finish

Why should you buy this paint?

Since 1931 the Dulux company has been selling many types of paints running from matt emulsion to eggshell paints. With the Dulux soft sheen, Charmalock, and Mould tec technology of this Dulux Easycare paint you can give your bathroom walls a more stylish and dazzling look.

3. Johnstone’s – Best Paint for Bathroom

johnstone's bathroom paint

Johnstones paint is another one of the famous brands in paint that provide you with high-quality paints ranging from silk emulsion to metallic finish. They also provide the best bathroom paints to give your bathroom walls a more clean and neat look.

The dimensions of Johnstones bathroom paints are 15.6 x 15.6 x 16.3 cm while it comes in 2.5 litres of volume. With its durability and affordability feature, it gives protection to your high condensation areas.

It is stated by the manufacturers that the one coat of this paint is ten times resilient than the conventional emulsions. When this paint dries, it provides you with a strong sheen finish to resist the moisture, grease, and stains from your bathroom walls.

With its amazing features and fast wipe out easiness, you can also use it in the playroom areas. This paint comes in 11 different vibrant and neutral colours, including the brilliant white colour with no odour.

You can easily match the neutral tones with the bolder shades to find the best hue for your bathroom. One litre of this paint gives you a coverage of 12m2 while its full tin is enough for your small and mid-sized bathroom.


  • Affordable
  • versatile
  • Low odour
  • 11 neutral and vibrant colours
  • For the medium bathroom, one tin is enough
  • Resist moisture and stains from walls


  • Not good packaging
  • Variable consistency in tins

Why should you buy this product?

With a slight odour, affordability, and versatility option, this Johnstones bathroom paint is one of the leading bathroom paint. Moreover, with its 11 vibrant and neutral colours, your bathroom walls will give a more stylish and modern finish.

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4. Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint – Waterproof Bathroom Paint

best paint for bathroom ceiling uk

Are you searching for the best bathroom paint to refurbish your bathroom tiles? Then The Ronseal AMPWM750 is one of the best bathroom paint that gives you bathroom a modern and classic finish. This paint helps you to give your old bathroom tiles a new dazzling look while saving your money and time with its one coat feature.

This waterproof paint gives you the best fighting feature against the moisture and humidity in your bathroom. It is effortless to wipe the brown stain of steam from your bathroom walls with this paint. It gives you coverage of 8m2/liter that is suitable for the large bathroom area.

One of the best things about this paint is that it’s one coat will be enough for a perfect finish, and you can easily apply it with a simple paintbrush. The brilliant white colour of this paint gives you a soft polished, and satin finish on your bathroom tiles when it becomes dry.

This is one of the affordable paint because it does not require any primer prior to its application. It features a quick-drying formula that needs only two hours for its drying. However, if you apply the second coat, then wait at least 24 hours before applying the next one.


  • One coat finish
  • Refurbish tiles
  • 2 hours of drying time
  • Satin finish
  • Resist moisture and humidity
  • No primer needed
  • Easy to apply


  • Small coverage area
  • One tine is not enough for big bathroom

Why should you buy this product?

Spending on this Ronseal One Coat paint will not only save your time, the effort of work, but it is also one of the budget-friendly paints available in the market. There is no primer needed before its application while this paint refurbishes your old bathroom tiles in just an outstanding way.

5. HQC Kitchen & Bathroom Paint – Mould Resistant Bathroom Paint

good home bathroom paint review

Are you looking at a huge colour range in your bathroom paint? Then you are in the right place because the HAQ bathroom paints give you 36 different colours that will make your bathroom design more dazzling and beautiful.

This waterproof paint gives you a good breathability option plus walls shielding up to five years. With its easy to apply features, it gives you a great fight capacity against the mould, stains, grease, and moisture.

It is not only suitable for your bathroom, but you can also apply it in your halls, and stairways areas. The drying of this paint gives you a brilliant mid shine finish. It is made of eco-friendly materials that provide you with durability and easy cleaning options.

This paint gives you a quick drying time of just 2 hours while it provides you with a coverage capacity of 10m²/liters. Besides this, if you need to apply its second coat, you can apply it after 4 hours but the time also depends on your environmental condition.

This paint is not toxic, and it comes up with a low odour feature. You can apply it in the poorly ventilated areas because once it becomes dry, it creates a breathable layer, and this layer avoids future damage of paint as it allows the moisture to evaporate easily.


  • Quick-drying
  • Non-toxic
  • Low odour
  • Wall shielding up to 5 years
  • Good breathability option
  • Resist mould, stain, and moisture
  • Easy to apply


  • Low coverage

Why should you buy this product?

HAQ bathroom paint is suited best for your bathroom paint because of its breathability and low odour features. Besides this, no other paint will beat this paint because of its 5-year wall shielding, non-toxic and easy application. Investing in this paint will benefit you a lot not only in the present but also in your future.


Finding the best bathroom paint UK is a challenging process, but after reading this article, you will get one of the prime bathroom paints that will alter your bathroom design entirely. All of the above-mentioned products will give you magnificent features at an affordable price.

From our side, we personally recommend you one top best bathroom paint.

At the end of the article, it depends on you what factor you prefer most while choosing your bathroom paint like the coverage area, colour, versatility, durability, and affordability. Always select a paint that shields your bathroom walls against moisture, moulds, stains, and humidity.