7 Best Eggshell Paints for Wood in 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 21/11/2020

Do you want to add extra aesthetic looks to your interior wood collection? Are you working on a wood project or you are confused between the sheen or matte options? Have you planned to refurbish your furniture? The best eggshell paint for wood is a path for all your innovative ideas. It offers a settled matte and sheen look combined together to give your home a trendy as well as modern vibes.

Whether you are an amateur or professional invested in a project, eggshell is a way forward for your old and Crack wood. Whether you are confused between the semi-gloss, matte, or highly Sheen options, these eggshells are the best option for you with high durability, consistency, and enhanced texture with water-based formulas that are eco-friendly and stable for your environment.

This article presents a list of seven best eggshell paints for wood in 2021 based on the consistency moisture resistance impaired with the detailed buying guide.

1. Leyland Trade 264369

Hard Wearing Acrylic Eggshell

Hard Wearing Acrylic Eggshell

When it comes to superior quality and enhanced resistance against moisture and stains, Leyland is one of the known names of the industry with higher manufacturing and possesses an ideal reputation. The Leyland Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell has one of the best and absolute potential for wood projects and can be applied to the high traffic areas whether interior or exterior wood.

Similarly, when we evaluate the texture and coverage, it comes with one of the best and decent coverages for woods with semi-thick consistency. Hence, it eliminates the space for moisture creating an extra layer as well as helps to stick it to the wall at the same time. Moreover, the texture is anti-slip and is perfect for wood projects and quick renovation.

Finally, according to anticipations, it has one of the best drying periods and cleaning ability. Hence, this water-based formula can quickly dry the paint in four to six hours, after that you can recoat to get the perfect matte finish. Also, the paint is easy to clean, and with just a sponge and water with its highly stain-resistant technology offers low maintenance.


  • Excellent durability
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Brilliant moisture resistance
  • Decent coverage
  • Medium consistency


  • Prone to dust
  • Can peel off quickly

Finally, if you are looking for the best potential eggshell paint for a wood project, this Leyland acrylic eggshell is perfect for you with medium to a thick consistency and high durability. It offers brilliant thickness and coverage that can remove or fill any cracks or holes with excellent stain-resistant quality with a convenient application.

2. JOHNSTONE’S Trade Acrylic Eggshell

Johnstone’s Eggshell Paint Review

Johnstone's eggshell paint review

The Johnstone acrylic eggshell is one of the best eggshell paints for wood in 2021 because of the water-based nature that emulsifies it better and can be used as an excellent tint for whatsoever color. Usually, the water-based Eggshells are famous among users and here, Johnstone does not signify an outstanding capacity yet works smoothly.

Having a water-based formula, it has a high potential of sticking to the wall with the higher ability to stick to the wall having perfect moisture resistance that makes it excellent for wet spaces as well as the interior wood with the space to innovate the exterior furniture. Moreover, easy cleaning and low maintenance make it popular among the users.

Similarly, talking about the application and finish, it offers high and supreme quality with the best results. Hence, it can be applied with the roller and the brush, although the company recommends using the paint for the smaller surface area to get a consistent finish. Thereby, it offers brilliant matte results with a subtle sheen that gives a refreshing tint to your wood.


  • Brilliant durability
  • Thick consistency
  • Brilliant moisture resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Convenient application


  • Might water down some product
  • Expensive than usual

Finally, if you want an eggshell for brilliant durability and the ideal outcome, this Johnstone Trade Acrylic Eggshell is the absolute best choice for you. Hence, it offers brilliant moisture resistance that works best with the highly stain resistant quality that makes it easy to work with and convenient to clean with low maintenance. However, if you have a fence outside your house and you are looking for Best Fence Paint then check out our latest reviews.

3. Leyland Trade 264576

Eggshell, Brilliant White

Eggshell, Brilliant White

Leyland is perfect for you if you are looking for a permanent solution for the wet spaces or the wood that has a constant problem. With its moisture-resistant capacity, it offers high efficiency and lasts long enough to prove the buying option worth the money. Hence, for highly wet areas, wood, and traffic areas, this Leyland is the absolute best choice.

Similarly, Leyland has come up with a water-based color usually known for remarkable coverage and odorless assistance with the proficient drying period. Accordingly, you can recoat the surface after six to eight hours to get the active finish of the product. With the water-based nature, it has decent coverage.

Therefore, with higher efficiency and an easy drying process, Leyland does not disappoint you with cleaning and maintenance. Perfect for high traffic areas, it has easy stain resistance and cleaning process with hard-wearing outcomes without peeling it out from the surface. However, it comes with only white stains that can be a down for the paint.


  • Highly durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short drying period
  • Decent coverage
  • Used for high traffic areas


  • Has a bit exaggerated sheen
  • Might need regular cleaning

In the end, if you are looking for a water-based eggshell paint for the wood project, Leyland has the absolute best trade paint option for you. It offers a brilliant finish with excellent and outstanding durability. Thereby, with its eco-friendly nature and short drying period, it is popular among the users.

4. Dulux Trade

Diamond Quick Dry Eggshell Pure Brilliant White

Diamond Quick Dry Eggshell Pure Brilliant White

Dulux has always been a remarkable choice for the paint, especially for the eggshell options. The Dulux Trade Quick Dry has the best dying period with a brilliant water-based solution that helps to stick to the surface without any prominent issue. Moreover, it is highly stable and moisture resistant with an excellent high protective shield that makes it highly durable.

Similarly, this particular eggshell comes with an excellent thick consistency with brilliant coverage having only 10% of the product water down. Thereby, with the desired consistency and decent coverage, it has one of the best potentials and perfect finish having the subtle sheen to the final output.

Moreover, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, like other eggshells, comes with low maintenance and easy cleaning with the sponge and water. Moreover, it possesses a short drying time that is readily available to recoat with four to six hours having a brilliant drying period.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Decent coverage
  • Short drying period
  • Moisture resistant


  • Might water down the product
  • Need regular maintenance

Finally, the Dulux is the best deal for paints specifically when it comes to the eggshell because of its subtle sheen to the outcome. Hence, with its perfect finish and long durability, it is an ideal choice for you. It also has a short drying period that enhances the long-lasting nature of the product for wood.

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5. Crown Eggshell 750ml White

Crown Eggshell Paint

Crown Eggshell Paint

Crown eggshell white is an ideal choice to get the best quality product with outstanding durability and texture that is all user needs for an excellent wood renovation project. It offers the perfect matte finish and long-lasting results. Hence, with easy cleaning and high stain resistance, it is one of the ideal choices for users.

Similarly, it comes with a breath easy technology that ensures the best solvent-free water-based formula that ensures high consistency that makes it excellent to use in less ventilated areas. Moreover, with the excellent stain resistance and low maintenance, it is an excellent option for high traffic areas renovations and refurbishing.

Another noteworthy feature of this Crown Eggshell is its drying period and coverage. It offers decent coverage with its thick consistency without any falling off product from the water formula. Also, the drying period is excellent for the water-based paints and usually takes up to four to six hours for recoating and drying overall.


  • Highly durable
  • Brilliant for less ventilated areas
  • Decent coverage
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick-drying


Might peel off
Difficult to use

Finally, if you are looking for one of the best eggshell paint for wood in 2021, this Crown Eggshell is an excellent option for you with its unique and outstanding brilliant texture and durability. It offers excellent moisture and stain resistance that adds value to the overall product and the quick-drying makes it good for less time consumption.

6. Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell White 2.5L

Dulux Eggshell Paint for Wood

Dulux Eggshell Paint for Wood

With superior durability and outstanding supplementary features, Dulux, as usual, comes a Dulux Trade Diamond white, although on a higher price range but highly incredible. Moreover, it comes with a brilliant moisture resistance that works well with the protective shield that sticks perfectly to the wall.

Talking about the finish, it offers a slightly subtle sheen with a perfect matte outlook that is outstanding. It also has a water-resistant quality that makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Hence, it has brilliant maintenance with easy cleaning that makes it highly resistant against stains and can be used in high traffic areas.

Usually, the drying process is quicker in water-based solutions, the Dulux Diamond is unique and outstanding with an extended drying period from six to eight hours that offers superior quality. Also, it has the perfect professional appearance that makes it suitable to be used in high budgeted projects to renovate and refurbish the wood.


  • Improved durability
  • Superior consistency
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Used for high traffic
  • Perfect appearance


  • Might take time to dry
  • Expensive than usual

In the end, this Dulux Diamond is the best eggshell paint for wood that offers superior quality and texture with a subtle sheen having the perfect matte appearance for your wood. Moreover, high durability with low and easy maintenance offers high-quality results for high-end projects.

7. T A Paints

Quick Drying Floor Paint

Quick Drying Floor Paint

First and foremost, the usage of this TA eggshell paint lies with the medium to high traffic areas that is perfect because of its protective shield. Thereby, the extra layer it adds makes it highly durable and long-lasting, although it is a little difficult to remove stains. However, as compared to oil-based products, it is highly efficient in removing stains.

Similarly, the end result of the product is matte without any kind of extra sheen or luster. So, it is good for the trendy and traditional wood pieces to let the stain reflect the original dimensions of the wood. Here, the coverage is excellent with decent medium thick consistency with the perfect appearance.


  • Brilliant durability
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy to use
  • Used for medium traffic areas
  • Moisture resistant


  • Difficult to remove the stain
  • Cannot fill cracks

Finally, it is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for excellent quality and highly durable matte eggshell. The TA eggshell offers brilliant consistency with medium to thick coverage making it suitable for the low budget as well as beginner projects.

What to Look for While Buying Best Eggshell Paint for Wood – A Comprehensive Guide

The painting projects involve a large portion of investments with the hard work and time consumption. Hence, to have the perfect finish is an ideal outcome for the whole process. Here comes the perfect and remarkable option for woods as well as walls that can offer you seemingly excellent options for your journey.

Are you confused to choose whether matte or sheen will go with your wood and furniture? Eggshell is here to solve the problem with its matte and sheen nature combined with having one of the best durability and significant features that can make your journey smooth and investment worth.

Here are some recommendations according to which you can choose the ultimate option for your wood painting project.

Long-Lasting Durability

The eggshell paints are usually for high traffic areas because of their enhanced durability and long-lasting nature without any damaging or dull appearance. Thereby, while buying the eggshell paint for wood, you must go for the better option with long-lasting results and a long warranty.

However, these eggshell paints are less lustrous than satin paints with a medium to the semi-matte outlook that can give you a more subtle look. It is excellent for high traffic areas but must possess a smooth texture and high durability.

Appearance; Outcome of the Process

These eggshell paints come with a highly stylish and luxurious appearance that can make your space look trendy with a bit of pop. mostly, the end result of the product is mostly between the semi sheen and matte with a perfect end having both features in it.

These eggshell paints mostly come with different features.

Hence, based on your nature of the project, you can opt for the look you want to go with the perfect finish.

Major Uses of the Eggshell

As Eggshells are perfect for the cleaning and maintenance, it is efficient for the high traffic areas. Because of its matte finish and high durability, the matte eggshells are perfect for your living room decor or the kitchen decor with even the garden furniture that can give you the perfect and ideal outcome for the wood.

Moreover, it’s subtle and not so the intense finish can offer an added value to the furniture and make it look trendy. However, the matte paints are a little difficult to clean because of extra protective layers that must be taken into consideration.

Eggshell for Wood

For woods, if you want to cover an odd stain or enhance the color of your wood with the brilliant and outstanding matte finish with an extra muted sheen is significant, eggshells are the perfect choice for you. There are many choices for the eggshell paints to be used on wood with certain considerations.

Thereby, always go for the paints that come with an extra protective layer yet are easy to clean. Moreover, the paints can be categorized with a code to match the color scheme of your project while making no compromise on the final outlook. Here, Dulux Trade and Crown are the best and ideal products to be used in woods.

Excellent for Hiding Imperfections

As compared to other paints in the market, eggshell is the best option to hide the imperfections. These are best to cover your libraries, living rooms as well as halls to give the perfect outlook to work with.

Therefore, among the different forms of the eggshell, the most recommended losing the imperfection that conceals major holes and cracks with the large bumps is the matte product with the perfect outlook. For sheen and semi-sheen appearance, the eggshell can partially cover the imperfections.

Complementary Features

Finally, based on these features and the nature of your project with the desired outcome of the wood, you can opt for the ideal paints. These eggshells can give you the perfect matte look with a muted sheen that is all a wood that needs to be renovated and the long-lasting durability adds additional value to the product.

Wrapping Up

In essence, these best eggshell paints for woods can assist your long process while ensuring your investments are worth the results. Hence, with the perfect formula, consistency, texture, stain resistance, and durability, these paints can be your ultimate guide to lead a successful and outstanding renovation idea. Let the flow remain to get the ideal outcomes with these tools.

Similarly, investing in a good quality eggshell paint can be a long-lasting promise to make your house look fresh and trendy with the added value. Hence, all you need is a compelling guide and recommendations for some great quality stuff that can make its way to the top of your projects. Also, with the perfect bounce and reflection, the added versatility is your go-to while buying a good product.

Here are some recommendations based on brilliant quality and long-lasting durability;

In the end, let the creativity flow through your imaginations and make these eggshells your assistance to reach your horizons. Enjoy your innovative projects with the ultimate ideal investments.