5 Best Exterior Wood Paint 2022 (Water-Based) – Review & Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Having chipped paint on that wooden fence or your garden furniture faces wear and tear? Thinking to renovate it? So you are searching for the Best Exterior Wood Paint 2022 that can treat them well.

Well, search no more!

Fill your garden with some felicitous colours, rejoicing every season, without facing any chipping and flaking. This is what the exterior wood paints are best for. Most of them being washable offering infinite feasibility for you to clean them effortlessly.

Best Exterior Wood Paint

The exterior wood paints have the most advantage for their versatility, bold colours, and easy application. They stay on the surface for a long time protecting the wood against many external conditions. So if you are confused about what to choose to treat that wooden furniture in your garden, you will find the answers in this article.

Exterior Wood Paint Exterior Wood Paint Rust-Oleum 315396 – Best Wood Paint
  • Colour: Flat White
  • Size: 0.4 litres
  • Manufacturer: Tor Coatings Ltd
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Best Gloss Paint Best Gloss Paint Rust-Oleum 1992502 – Best Gloss Paint
  • Colour: Gloss White
  • Size: 0.4 litres
  • Manufacturer: Tor Coatings Ltd
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Weatherproof Wood Paint Weatherproof Wood Paint CUPRINOL 5083478 – Wood Paint
  • Colour: Sage
  • Size: 1 litres
  • Manufacturer: Toolbank
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Outdoor Wood Paint Outdoor Wood Paint Johnstone’s 309286 – Exterior Wood Paint
  • Colour: White Orchid
  • Size: 2.5 Litre
  • Manufacturer: Johnstone’s
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Exterior Metal Paint Exterior Metal Paint Dulux Weathershield – Wood Paint
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
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Best Exterior Wood Paint 2022

  1. Best Outdoor Paint for Wood – Rust-Oleum 315396
  2. Best Outdoor Paint – Rust-Oleum 1992502
  3. Best Outdoor Paint – CUPRINOL 5083478
  4. Best Paint for Exterior Wood – Johnstone’s 309286
  5. Water-Based Exterior Wood Paint – Dulux Weathershield

Best Outdoor Paint For Wood

1. Rust-Oleum AE0040024E8 Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

Best Outdoor Paint for Wood

Taking spray painting to the next level, the Rust-Oleum ultra cover paint has its magnificence guaranteed for all the exterior wood surfaces. This top-seller product in the spray paints category makes things smooth, fast, and easier for you. In the end, you get a premium glossy finish with enhanced protection to the wooden furniture in your garden.

The Rust-oleum is designed specifically for expanded coverage in one spray. The 2X coverage technology paints for enhanced quality and speed, and this is the efficiency you can expect from this exterior wood paint. Masonry surfaces, unglazed ceramic, metal, plastic, plaster along with the wood are given a brilliant satin finish with this paint provings its versatility.

This oil-based paint is available in a whole range of attractive colours, giving you infinite options for making colour combinations or choosing the best suitable paint for the exterior wood. What’s more interesting is the fact that it gets quickly dried within 20 minutes of spray on the surface. The mid-sheen satin finish covers all the imperfections and daunts on the target, resulting in a fresh new look of the surface.

The mixture contains less volatile organic compounds, so it won’t be releasing any toxic odour in the air, causing any inconvenience for you. Adding to that, the paint also entails primer, so you can apply directly on the surface, without any undercoat.

All you have to do is to clean the target surface, shake the can very well, then start to spray at a distance of 10-16″, and then apply a second coat if required. Following the manual will ultimately lead to the best results in the end.


  • 2X coverage technology
  • Efficient spray system
  • Variant vibrant colours
  • Budget product
  • Quick-dry
  • Odourless


  • Unsatisfactory results if not followed the manual

Rust-Oleum spray paint is a fabulous exterior woodcare product that will be a great tool for you. It saves you time, money, and effort. Being versatile enough that it adheres well onto many other surfaces also adds to its advantage of being the best exterior wood paint for the year 2022.

Best Outdoor Paint

2. Rust-Oleum AE0040004E8 Painter’s Touch Spray Paint

Best Outdoor Paint

We found the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch latex as one of the most positively reviewed paint, for its pivotal beneficence among the best exterior wood paints. This latex paint is compliant with various surfaces such as plaster, ceramic, metal, and masonry cladding such as cement, bricks, or blocks.

An ideal solution for the exterior as well as the interior surfaces, providing a sturdy protective layer to them, that can resist rain, and extreme heat. The acrylic paint, with a water-based formula counters chips forming and flaking over time.

Furthermore, the paint does not release string odour, making it feasible to work without any hassle. Rust-oleum manufacturers have introduced a great range of colours for this paint so that you can customize the garden furniture with your exquisite choice.

Featuring the double cover technology, the paint ensures speedy work and with the long-lasting performance. Having said that, the paint covers 120 sq ft of area, and the top coat dries up within 30 minutes of application.

Remember to sand the main surface with the 180/200 grit sandpaper, then apply degreaser, wash thoroughly, and then let it dry. You will require applying primer first as the undercoat for the paint to settle properly on the surface.

This paint gets best spread with a synthetic brush or a roller. You can use spray paint for applying it onto the plastic surface. It gives a marvellous coverage, an elegant glossy shine to the furniture, thus perfectly hiding any blemish or spot.


  • Water-based acrylic formula
  • Different colours
  • 120 sq ft area
  • Quick-dry 30 minutes
  • Long-lasting protection


  • Requires undercoat
  • Sand the surface first

This paint is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a multi-functional paint that also furnishes surfaces other than wood. Budget-friendly and durability are the prime qualities here, so bring home the Rust-Oleum Latex paint and give your garden a new look.

Best Outdoor Paint

3. Cuprinol 5083478 Garden Shades Exterior Woodcare

Best Outdoor Paint

Leave the people startled as they look on your newly painted wooden furniture in your garden with Cuprinol exterior woodcare. These garden shades from Cuprinol series proffer matchless convenience, care, and protection of exterior wood for a long period. Our review of this paint will explain how this paint is the solution for all your wooden garden furniture.

Cuprinol makers guarantee six years of ultimate protection granted to the wooden fence, table, chairs, wood, terracotta, brick, and stone. Since the exterior wood has to withstand temperature extremities throughout the year, so it is necessary to ensure they remain steady. Cuprinol garden shades have a beautiful collection of colours that give a vibrant vibe, making your garden look colourful and spacious.

This water-based formulation is present in two different quantities of 1L and 2.5L so that you can choose the best suitable for you. The paint is applied with a brush or a spray, and the coverage area varies depending upon the type of wood. The brush will cover 12m² on smooth wood, 5m² on rough sawn wood, and through the spray, it paints 3m² per litre.

The paint dries within one hour of application and is ready for the second coat after an hour or two. An elegant matt finish, ends up the painting process, revealing a lively new look in your garden.


  • Water-based formulation
  • Easy to apply
  • Wide coverage
  • Colour range


  • Allergic reaction
  • Effects aquatic organisms

Cuprinol garden shades products are there to protect and enhance the exterior wood. With its extraordinary woodcare and treatment formulations, the things remain safe from rot, decay, along with insect attacks and rain. So this can be one of the best options available for you.

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Best Paint For Exterior Wood

4. Johnstone’s 309291 – Garden Colours

Best Paint for Exterior Wood

Johnstone’s Garden Colours is an affordable exterior woodcare product, with several trusted buyers. This paint will be an outclass addition to your garden maintenance items. We are reviewing it in our quest for the best exterior wood paints due to its sturdiness and affordability.

This paint from Johnstone’s aim to fill your garden with rejuvenating colours. With a whole range of vivid colours available, the company allows you to conceptualize your inspiring ideas into reality. The paint allows you to transform your garden furniture such as trellis, tables, summer houses, and chairs from looking worn out to seeing them as freshly ordered garden decor.

The Johnstone’s makers claim four years of sturdy protection provided by this paint. This means no rot, no decay, and no damage can occur to the wood for a whole long period of four years. The fade-resistant formula retains the colours throughout the years, and you won’t experience any change in colour, while the paint stays on the surface.

Moreover, this paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller, and adding to convenience is the fact that it gets completely dry within 2 hours of application. So you can apply the second coat easily if required to get a more bright look. Interestingly, the paint is eco-friendly and is harmless to plants and animals around them.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Quick-dry
  • Easy-to-use
  • Four years warranty


  • Requires more coats
  • Shade may vary as from the description

Johnstones is a reliable brand manufacturing top-notch paints for home decor, and this product is among those paints. Purposed to transform your garden furniture, this budget-friendly product can be a great value for money.

Water-Based Exterior Wood Paint

5. Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint

Water Based Exterior Wood Paint

You are now going to know about the next amazing product in the category of the exterior wood care, and that is the Dulux WeatherShield Quick Dry Satin Paint. The hallmarks of this paint convincing us to review it are economical budget and exceptional safeguard against the weather along with a huge ten years warranty. Like other products, Dulux won’t fail to impress you here as well.

Forget the worries of the exterior wood furniture in your garden getting damaged by rain or scorching heat because Dulux is going to take care of it. This water-based paint has excellent coverage over the wooden surface. The paint is present in two textures of gloss and satin so that you can opt for your preferred choice.

Offering two quantities of 750ml and 2.5L, the paint costs you less budget. Dulux delivers six different colours of this paint, including white, black, gallant grey, green glade, pure brilliant white, and dark grey. Your garden is going to look aesthetically beautiful when painted in these colours.

Dulux ensures ten years warranty of protection of exterior wood from mildew, moisture, and mould. It renders them rainproof and shields them from other harsh environmental conditions. The paint has a quick-dry formula, so you will have a touch-dry surface within one hour of application.


  • Weather-shield
  • Ten years warranty
  • Protection from mildew and mould
  • Quick-dry


  • Demands undercoat

Dulux Quick-dry satin is a quick solution to the wooden exterior demanding shield from the environment. With a long ten years warranty, you can trust its durability and reliability. Therefore, you can make it a viable option on your list.

Things to look for while buying the Best Exterior Paints!

So that we have reviewed the best exterior wood paints, it is now time to explain to you the buying guide. This aims to highlight the primary aspects that you have to look for before buying the paints. From the type of finish to the composition and convenience offered by the paints, we have got it all covered down here. Scroll further to read.

The first aspect is to decide what kind of finish you want on the exterior wood. Weather, you prefer a shiny gloss finish, a mid-sheen satin finish, or a pure matt finish, this is your choice. So afterwards you can go and check the availability of the desired product in the market. Where glossy finish gives enhanced protection and shiny outlook, the satin finish imparts elegance to the fence, wooden benches, or other garden furniture.

The next is the composition of the exterior wood paints. Most of the paints are water-based paints that are easy to clean after the painting session, contain less VOC, so are odourless and environmentally friendly. Other types include the oil-based paints, that are thick in consistency, high in chemicals, and require turpentine oil for removal. However, their sturdiness and adherence to the surface remain unparalleled.

Painting tools such as brushes, rollers, or sprays also play a critical role when you are up for a DIY session. You must have a high-quality brush to spread the paint evenly on the surface. Spray paints also have the advantage of double coverage and effort saving potential. If the paint from a particular brand offers you a multitude range of colours, then this is a bonus. You can choose the colours that you like with the quality and greatness intact.

Along with this, you also have to check the resistance of the paint towards certain damages such as colour fading, chips formations, and flaking. By durability and warranty, we mean the assurance provided by the makers about the quality of paint. Buy a paint that has a significant warranty period, so that you get the best product.

You also have to look upon this point, whether the paint needs an undercoat or not. Mostly the primer is applied as the undercoat so that the paint forms a strong bond with the surface. In certain items, the primer is also added with the paints so you won’t need an undercoat. However, if it does not have one, then don’t forget to buy a primer as well.

In the end, also estimate for the budget it is going to cost you. Since there are various quantities of containers available, you can correlate them with your requirements. Also check for the coverage, that how much area does the paint covers in one litre. Having said that, these were the necessary facets you must inspect before taking the final decision.


How do you make exterior paint last longer?

You can do this by keeping the surface clean. Simply wipe the surface regularly to clean dust and splashes, as well remove any mildews with an anti-mildew solution.

What is the best time to paint exterior wood?

It is recommended to paint the exterior in spring when temperatures are moderate, neither too hot nor too cold. However, the suitable temperatures are between 40 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long should a good exterior paint job last?

It should for at least five years and at most ten years. That is why the brands offer five years or ten years warranty.


Our quest for the best always follows the path of detailed research on the internet. Seeking information to know more about the relevant products and having a considerable list of options in front of you can prove beneficial for the ultimate shopping experience.

Therefore, we further refine our review and present to you our top pick that is Rust-Oleum 1992502 Painters Touch Latex. A perfect budget product for exterior wood, enhancing their life and quality, making them ready to withstand the external temperatures is our premium choice.

Along with that, working like a professional demand some preparatory steps to be taken before starting off to paint. These include sanding the wooden surface with good sandpaper for making it a plane. Afterwards mildly washing it or cleaning it to remove any grown moulds or mildews. Before applying the topcoat, you simply apply the primer, for making the paint adhere strictly to the surface. Then you are ready to go for applying the paint on to the wooden surface.

Rolling up the article, we hope that you are now familiar with the best available products, and have your vision clear of which paint is suitable for you.