7 Best Fence Paint in 2021 – Reviews & UK Buyer’s Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 04/06/2020

Are you thinking of upgrading your backyard and garden fence to give it a whole new look? And that’s why you are here searching for some best fence paints in the UK market.

Fence paints are a phenomenal tool for converting your creative ideas into reality. If you have a loaded mind with DIY ideas, then the fence paints provide handy assistance for you. The market is busted with the fence paints, and choosing the best suitable product for you is indeed a challenging task.

The fence paints are in hundreds of shades, multiple textures, and variant quantities. From matte finish to the satin look and from vibrant colours to dark themes, fence paints entail a whole world of art in them. All it requires the true passionate person to nurture creativity and bring out a masterpiece to the world.

As this being your ultimate guide for the best fence paints, we have here reviewed the seven top products, elaborated the buying guide, and presented our top 3 picks. Scroll down and give it a read.

1. Hammerite 5084863

The Best Fence Paint

The Best Fence Paint

The fence around your house shows your aesthetic sense and your exquisite taste for home decor. However, maintenance of the fence for the year around is a challenging task, especially if you built a fence made up of metal. Hammerite Paint is here to take care of your metal fence. Take a look to know more.

Hammerite metal paint is the No.1 Bestseller, in the category of home decor, and there is a reason behind this. It’s guaranteed durable protection against rust for eight years defines its magnificence. This paint is available in different quantities, ranging from 250ml to 5 Litre and in multiple colours. The paint mentioned here coats a classic black colour on your metal fence that gives a decent look to the enclosure surrounding your house.

The Hammerite paint has a 3 in 1 formula that not only makes the fence look elegant but also provides superior protection against rust, tarnishes and weather extremes. The paint contains a primer, topcoat, and undercoat in one mixture, so there remain no requirements for other formulated accessories.

You will observe a lustry shine on the surface after it dries out after 4 hours. You can apply it directly to the rusted metal, with just simple steps taken at priority. Its remarkable quality is the 8 years long rust protection against corrosion, which means it will shield the fence with a coating that would withstand rain, harsh heat, and other environmental conditions.

For more guidelines, here is a usage method, so you don’t encounter any problems when working with the Hammerite paint. First of all, clear your fence from all rusted flakes through a wire brush. Wash the barricade with soapy or detergent water for removing any dust, oil, or grease present on the surface and let it dry. Afterwards, test the paint on a small patch. If it sits well after an hour, the paint is all set to be used.

Keep in mind, that fence is made of zinc, galvanized material or aluminium, then go for Hammerite Paint Direct to Galvanized Metal. Now coat the fence with a brush or roller, and allow it to dry for a few hours. However you can apply a second coat if it is required, or you want better results.


  • Eight years of protection
  • Shiny layer
  • 3 in 1 formula
  • The undercoat, primer, and topcoat in one mixture


  • It takes a long time to dry out
  • Thick consistency, requires more effort to spread

Hammerite has been delivering excellence for 25 years, and this paint is considered reliable, which is evident from its best-seller rating among the best fence paints.

2. Cuprinol Ducksback Review

Best Fence Paint Colour

Best for Fence Treatment

Cuprinol Ducksback is the No.1 seller in waterproofers, and it is second on our list of best fence paint. Its extraordinary water repelling features does a splendid job, protecting the fence from the rain and random spills.

Cuprinol Ducksback is formulated with a high-quality wax that repels water, so the wood isn’t going to damage due to rain, frost or snow in your area. The non-drip phenomenon allows the paint to spread evenly on the surface without creating any mess.

The paint has a low-odour and is eco-friendly, so it won’t harm plants and animals. This fence Paint takes around 2 to 4 hours to dry. However, you have to wait for 3 to 4 days before applying the second coat. It is available in different elegant colours, including autumn brown, forest green, harvest brown, autumn gold, rich cedar, forest oak, and silver copse.

The paint endures five-year-long protection against weather conditions, provided that the primary surface is clean and dry before application. The fence becomes shower proof within one hour, and one container covers ten fence panels.

Wax is generally known for its super repellent qualities, and we found it here as well. The usage guide tells the following steps. Follow these for the premium results. First of all, stir and mix well the paint in the tin. Then clear all the dirt and mud with a wire brush. Afterwards, apply the paint evenly on the overall surface and leave it to dry. Do not paint in damp conditions or before a predicted rainfall for it will create a mess for you.


  • Wax enriched formula
  • Five years of protection
  • No drippings
  • Different colours available
  • Eco-friendly
  • Shower-proof in one hour
  • Resistant to frost and snow


  • Caution for chemical contents

Cuprinol Ducksback is a top seller product and is a good value for money paint. Present in different colours, this paint can be an amazing addition to your gardening tool collection.

3. The ONE Paint

Best Paint for Garden Fences

ronseal fence paint

Introducing you to another fabulous fence paint, that has the 2 in 1 formula. The barricade around your garden gets an all rounding protection plus an attractive look. You will see an elaborated review down here, so you know more about one of the best fence paints.

This versatile paint has multiple uses on numerous exterior as well as interior surfaces in your house. The surfaces include metal, plastic, wood, UPVC, masonry, bricks, stone, glass and much more. The paint is specially formulated to repel water, resist tarnish and protect the subject from the harmful U.V. rays.

One paint is not just paint, it contains a primer along in the container, and this reduces extra efforts and time consumption. You just have to put on the paint directly from the tin as there are no extra preparatory steps before painting. The magical wonders of this paint are not limited just to houseware; rather, it is equally beneficial for professionals, builders working on decoration in mega projects.

It has a lavish thick consistency that spreads evenly across the surface, and it demands only one coat. There is no need for an undercoat or topcoat, and it is just the main coat that dries up after 2 – 4 hours of application. One paint is sold in the market in 12 different shades and three primary textures of Matt, Satin and Gloss finish.

The makers guarantee this product to be environmentally friendly as it contains less number of VOCs. Therefore it is not going to harm the plants and animals as well. Moreover, the paint is easy to clean with lukewarm detergent water.

Here’s how to use it! Firstly stir and mix the paint well, since this is a water-based paint you can add more water to make it thin. Then clean the surface, and make it dry. Now the main step is to coat the surface with the paint using a brush, spray or roller. The coverage area is 7m², so it depends upon how you use it.


  • Luxuriously thick
  • Less effort
  • One coat required
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick dry
  • Odorless


  • Shades may vary from the image given in the description

The ONE paint is a 2 in 1 formula that is going to meet all your needs regarding painting surfaces in home decor. This compliant paint is the best you can get at a competitive price.

4. Ronseal RSLOCFLDO

Best Price Ronseal Fence Paint

cuprinol fence paint

Forget the worries of the wood fence getting damaged due to rain, hot weather or algal growth. Ronseal is here to shield the fence on the frontline. As the name says, one coat and the fence is secured. That is why we mentioned it in our review list of top fence paints for 2021.

The Ronseal fence paint is present in six different shades of dark oak, medium oak, Tudor black oak, red cedar, harvest gold, and forest green. Improvisation, in its formulation, has led to enhanced fence treatment with only one coat. The paint is perfect for use on rough sawn timber, as well as sheds, gates, wooden tables, trellises, and summer houses.

The paint is suitable for fresh wood and also for the previously stained wood. One litre of the paint will cover an area of 6m², so 5 litres can paint six fence panels with a single coat on any one side. However, do remember that it won’t be working on garden furniture, smooth planed wood, or decking.

The Ronseal one coat fence life would provide steadfast protection to the fence, making it waterproof and resistant to environmental conditions. The first requirement before applying the paint is the neat and clean surface, that is free of algal growth, mildew, or moss. Clean it with a wire brush. Afterwards, start spraying or brushing the paint on to the surface.

The fence will be waterproof after an hour, thus ensuring quick dry time and ease of use. The fence is now ready to forebear all the weathers like frost, snow, and rain. The paint will not harm the animals, plants and other microorganisms, so it is an eco-friendly product. Moreover, there is no odour, and it is easy to clean.


  • Single coat application
  • 6m² coverage per litre
  • Easy to use
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Mess-free
  • Brush and spray
  • Quick-dry in one hour


  • Thin and runny consistency

Ronseal – One Coat Fence life is among the high-quality fence paints that have considerable recognition among gardening enthusiasts. It’s a good investment because it is going to do some quality work for you.

5. Cuprinol LMF CAR Less Mess Fence Care

Best Paint For Wood Fence

best fence paint colours

Cuprinol knows your fence needs care, so their magnanimous paint collection is all about protecting the fence as well as imparting beauty to it. From splendid colours to impressive coverage areas, this Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care has something amazing to offer, that we rated it in our list of best fence paints.

Proffering versatility for different surfaces specifically for shed and fence, it is going to give a fresh new look to your garden. This paint has been specially designed to treat and protect rough sawn timber. You can now convert your simple backyard into a gorgeous backdrop through your inspirational idea, and Cuprinol is here to help you.

It consists of special rich pigments that avow rich colour to the fence even after the application of the very first coat. This fresh formulation is effective in use, makes the barrier look beautiful and is protected from the outward weather conditions for long.

This paint is applied on to the surface with a brush, roller or spray. The consistency is thin, so you may get runny fluid going down, but it can be managed when applied with care. A litre of this paint will cover a surface of 5m².

Here is the usage guide of how to apply the paint. Clean the surface and make it free from any ingrown moss, algae, or mildew with fungicide wash. Afterwards, the surface dries from moisture, gently apply a layer of the paint on it. Let it dry for 2 to 4 hours and then see the magic. A second coat isn’t required for the colour will be strongly apparent. However, if you still want the second coat, apply it after the first coat dries. Now that your fence has premium optimized protection.


  • Rich colour
  • 5m² per litre coverage
  • Suitable for rough sawn timber
  • Easy stirring
  • Can be sprayed


  • Runny consistency
  • Contains chemicals
  • May cause allergy, precaution required

Being passionate in gardening, if you are concerned about the outlook of your fence surrounding the yard, then worry not for Cuprinol has got it covered. Trust the durability it imparts and get amazed at the splendour it shows. It can be a perfect addition in your tools for fence maintenance.

6. Johnstone’s 309278

Best Garden Fence Paint

best fence paint

Renovate your lawn’s fence as you fill in the vividness with Johnstone Garden colours. We are rating it among the top-notch fence paints for its brilliant display of colours on the surface and its anti-fade speciality. Scroll down to know what more this fence has got for you.

Johnstone’s Garden colour is specially formulated for easy and smooth application, without you having to make much effort. Available in different sizes and in wide-ranging colours you can now choose the best-suited colour for your garden. Give a refreshing look with the lime burst shade, or a lavish appearance with the Merry Berry colour. The bold plum shade would highlight decency, and the lagoon splash shade will present a lively look.

The paint provides four years of long durable protection, and the colour won’t fade throughout this time. With its varied applicability, you can paint different garden furniture as well including fences, sheds, tables, chairs and summer houses.

The paint dries within two hours of application, and the final look will be pleasingly amazing. You can further decorate your garden with different decor items such as plants, flowerpots and pebbles. All you need is a little creativity to add a zing.

This paint is environmentally friendly and will not harm plants and animals after getting dried. The method to apply in the paint is straightforward, and you just have to use a brush or a roller. Just keep in mind that the surface is clean and dust-free.


  • Wide-ranging colours
  • Quick-drying
  • Anti-fade
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy application
  • Four years of protection


  • May cause allergy due to chemicals

Johnstone has been in the market since 1890, and the buyers’ positive response towards this paint proves its beneficence. The new-look on the fence will have everyone asking how did you do it, and you will be naming Johnstone Garden colours.

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7. T.A. Paints Multi-Purpose

Best Fence Paint UK

best fence paint to cover green

T.A. Paints know the real deal when it comes to manufacturing fence paints. The oil-based paint we are talking about here is used as a multi-purpose enamel, that adds protection and colour to the wooden fence. Let’s know more about the paint in our review, so you get to know the convincing reasons that make it to the list of best fence paints.

The makers have added Polyurethane oil that ensures durability and long-lasting enamel on the surface. You will see a nice finish on the fence after painting it with this oil-based product. Available in 1, 2.5, and 5 litres, and a whole range of colours, that offers you with a bundle of options to make a choice.

The paint renders high performance besides easy application with a spray, roller, or a paintbrush. There are no prep steps required except for cleaning the surface and then apply directly from the tin. However, make sure to stir and mix the paint very well before use.

Paint on a single coat and leave it to dry for about 2 to 4 hours. By that time it would be touch dry, and for the second coat, that is recommended for best results, wait for 24 Hours, so it gives a fantastic glossy finish. 10% thinning with T0001 thinner is suggested if the consistency of the paint is too thick for you.

The total coverage area per liter is 8m², but it also depends upon the application and absorption of paint onto the subject. Now that the paint coating is applied, it is going to resist the weather extremes with full strength.


  • Multiple colours
  • Touch dry in 1 hour
  • No catalyst required in the prep stage
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Oil-based Paint
  • 8m² coverage area


  • It takes more time to get completely dry

T.A. paints have been professionally making the fence paints, and this one mentioned here has its own top-class quality. It is suitable due to its versatile compatibility with sheds, fences, deckings, and garden furniture,

How to Pick the Best Fence Paint?

Before you dive into the online market for buying fence paint, there are some facets you have to carefully inspect so that you get the best product. So here we go!

The first and foremost purpose of painting a fence is to make it durable and tough to counter the weather conditions. There won’t be any advantage of fence paint, if it gets absorbed in the wood, and does not concede water-repelling qualities to the wood.

If the wooden fence becomes waterproof, then be assured that it will withstand rainy weather, hails, snow, and frost. The fence paint provides overall protection to the interior and the peripheral surface, and that prevents the wood from rotting. The metal fence is safeguarded from the rust when painted with top-notch fence paint. How awesome is that!

For how much time, the paint stays on the surface is an important question, the makers have to deal with. A good quality paint sticks to the subject without flaking down, and this depends upon the consistency of the paint and the coats applied on the fence.

Various companies claim various duration, such as a period of 4 years or five years, and that is the fact. Better the quality of paint, better will it resist the extremes, and long will it stay attached on the surface.

If the paint peels off or forms flakes, that would be a mess for you, so there are two ways to avoid this issue, first, buy paint with positive reviews. Secondly, properly follow the instructions before painting on the surface.

The texture or the finished surface is totally dependent on your choice. Most commonly, there are three types that are the matte, satin, and glossy finish. All three have their own elegance and charm, but the purpose remains the same, to protect the wood and metal. While matte finish looks smooth, the satin and glossy finish have a lustrous surface that looks beautiful.

The use of fence paints is not limited to just the barriers, and rather some paints are multi-purpose. They can be applied on different surfaces, so if you have some creative ideas for home decor, and you have to get things done in the minimum budget, then a multi-functional paint would work perfectly for you.

As we complete the buying guide, let’s now head towards some frequently asked questions to solve out any confusion you have.


What kind of paint do you use on a fence?

Acrylic latex paint is the most suitable paint for a wooden fence because it is flexible and can correspond accordingly during temperature changes either by expanding or contracting.

What Colour fence paint makes the garden look bigger?

Bright colours such as white or pale yellow would make your garden look more prominent and colourful. In urban areas, there is surplus light, so it is going to be reflected and will brighten up your garden.

Can you use a roller to paint a fence?

Yes! The rollers are also a useful tool for painting the fence. Roll on the flat areas, and brush the edges where the roller can’t reach.

How do I get green algae off my fence?

Before painting a fence, it is necessary to clean up the algae. For that, take a bucket full of warm water, add in some bleach, pick up the scrubbing brush, dip it in the bucket and then start scrubbing the algae until it ultimately comes off. A little effort and the fence will be clean.


So here is the point we conclude our topic of best fence paints and here we will give our top 3 picks, so that may have a better selection of products

Wrapping up the article, this was an in-detail analysis of the best fence paints in the market, and we hope you like it. Send us your feedback in comments and mention if you want us to review other products. Happy shopping!