5 Best Kitchen Paint (Wall, Ceiling & Floor) UK’s Reviews

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 21/06/2020

Are you worried about the oil and food splashes in the kitchen? Does your kitchen want restyling with some attractive colors? If yes, then you are in the right place where you will find five best kitchen paint that will change your kitchen look entirely in a new fabulous way.

During cooking as well as washing utensils in the kitchen, the walls and cabinets become dirty because of the oil splashes, grease, and other messy things. It is a difficult task to get rid of those tough stations. Sometimes you have to buy the expensive cleaning sprays and some washing solvent to clean the stains. This thing requires effort, time, and money, but now your problem is solved by the prime kitchen paints available in the market.

Best Kitchen Paint Best Kitchen Paint Dulux Easycare – Best Kitchen Paint
  • Colour: Chic Shadow
  • Size: 2.5 Litres
  • Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
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Kitchen Emulsion Paint Kitchen Emulsion Paint Crown Matt Emulsion Paint – Kitchen Paint
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 7.5 Litres
  • Manufacturer: Crown
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Kitchen Ceiling Paint Kitchen Ceiling Paint Dulux Trade – Kitchen Ceiling Paint
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Dulux Trade
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White Kitchen Paint White Kitchen Paint Johnstones Kitchen – White Kitchen Paint
  • Colour: Brilliant White
  • Size: 2.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Johnstones
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Kitchen Wall Paint Kitchen Wall Paint Dulux Kitchen+ Matt – Kitchen Wall Paint
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 2.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Dulux
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With the help of these paints, the cleaning of the kitchen is a matter of seconds. You can clean the kitchen by simply using a cloth. Moreover, the cost of purchasing different gadgets for cleaning is also ended. If you are ready to use the best kitchen paints, then go ahead and read the detailed review of these leading kitchen paints.

Best Kitchen Paint

1. Dulux Easycare – Best Kitchen Paint

dulux paint

Searching for the paint to hide oil and food splashes in the kitchen? Then the Dulux Easycare paint suits you best. The matt finish of this paint does not reflect much light in your kitchen, while the velvety touch of this paint gives you kitchen walls a more stunning look.

This paint gives you a fighting capacity against the common kitchen stains and grease by using a clean cloth you can make your kitchen walls and cabinets neat and clean. In comparison to conventional paints, this paint gives you ten times more toughness.

You can revamp your kitchen walls and cabinets with its 30 amazing neutral and bolder colors tones. This paint is specifically made for the kitchen, but you can also apply it on ceilings and other home walls. In terms of affordability, it is the bang for the dollar. Surprisingly, you can paint a small kitchen creatively with its one tin only.

In its one liter paint, it gives you a coverage of 13 m² while it comes up in 2.5L tins. This paint gives you an easy application option. You can effortlessly apply it with a paintbrush or a roller. One coat is enough for perfect perfection; however, if you need more than one coat, then you need to wait only for five hours before the second application.


  • Clean grease and stain
  • Easy application
  • Budget-friendly
  • 30 shades


  • Thick consistency

The affordability, easy application, and 30 colors range make this Dulux Easycare paint one of the best kitchen paint available in the market. With the help of its astonishing result, you can change the kitchen look stunningly.

2. Crown Matt Emulsion Paint – Best Paint For Kitchens

best kitchen paint colors

Looking for an economical kitchen paint? Then nothing will beat this crown matt emulsion in the list. Its non-toxic quality, easy application, and good coverage will broaden your art in the kitchen. This paint gives you touch dry time of 2 hours while the recoat time of this paint is 4 hours.

Its thin consistency needs multiple coats to get a perfect finish with coverage of 14 m²/L. The non-reflective matt finish hides all of your kitchen mess and makes your surface more bright. Along with its kitchen application, you can use this paint on all types of walls, including the new plaster walls.

The water-based formula makes its application easy, yet it gives you a good finish result in the playroom area and nursery. Applying it with a paintbrush and a roller is trouble-free work. It is supplied in 7.5L tins while its tins dimensions are 5.6 x 4.4 x 2.4 cm. The touch dry time is two hours, while the reapplication time is 4 hours.

This paint is built specifically to be used in the kitchen with its pure brilliant white color you can light up your kitchen, but it lacks in resistant properties against stain, humidity, and grease.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Economical
  • Easy application
  • Water-based
  • Good viscosity


  • Requires more coats for a perfect finish

Quick dry and lew recoat time of crown matt emulsion makes it perfect to use in the kitchen. The brilliant white color with perfect matt finish lets you enlighten your kitchen walls and cabinets in a modernized way. It may persuade you to buy this paint if you want an economical matt finish paint for your kitchen.

3. Dulux Trade – Kitchen Ceiling Paint

best paint for kitchen walls washable

Dulux is a famous brand selling different types of paints all over the world. Not because of their perfect satin, matt, and emulsion finish. They are famous for their high-quality paint at a low price. The Dulux trade diamond helps you to refurbish the kitchen in a new attractive way.

In the first look, this paint looks like expensive paint, but it gives you high-quality paint features in an affordable price range. It comes in two sizes of tins one is 2.5L for a small kitchen, and another one is 10L tin for your big kitchen. The advanced satin repellent technology of this paint boasts its formulation and gives you marvelous paint finish in the kitchen and on even new plaster surfaces.

This paint is ten times tougher than the Dulux trade vinyl paint range because of its diamond technology. It comes up with easy cleaning features that allow you to clean all of the kitchen mess just in seconds. It is not only ideal floor paint for the kitchen, but you can use it in high traffic areas too, such as your TV lounge or hallway.

In its one-liner paint, that gives you an impressive coverage of 16 m². This product gives you versatility in its application. Along with the paintbrush and roller application of this paint, you can use airless as well as HVLP paint spray due to its thin consistency. It gives you touch dry time of two hours while recoat time is 4 to r hours.


  • Good coverage
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy application
  • Water-based
  • Long-lasting matt finish


  • Required more coats

Investing in this Dulux diamond trade paint is much better than investing in expensive sprays to remove the grease and oil from the kitchen. The toughness of this paint gives you a long-lasting matt finish that keeps your kitchen more elegant in design.

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4. Johnstones Kitchen – White Kitchen Paint

johnstone's paint

Johnstones is nominated in our list of best kitchen paint as Johnstone’s kitchen and bathroom paint. This paint is already famous for kitchen use because of its durability and budget-friendly features. All of the elements used in its construction are eco friendly and gives you a more safe room to paint your kitchen with elegant design.

The quick-drying dye of 1-4 hours lets you recoat quickly if you want protection with a perfect mid-sheen finish. With its 15 neutral hues, it gives you a coverage of 12 m² in one liter. Its water-based formula contains low volatile organic compounds that make its use more safe and easy.

The great consistency of this paint allows you to give your kitchen walls and cabinet a more creamy look rather than a crack water-thin look. The mid-sheen finish of this paint has great resistance features against the mold, grease, and other oily splashes in the kitchen. You can make your walls and cabinets clean only by using cloth rather than the brushes and solvent mixtures.

This paint comes up in 2.5 L tins with washable properties. Its manufacturer states that its coat is ten times tougher than conventional paint. These all features make this paint ideal to use in halls and stairways.


  • Good coverage
  • Perfect mid-sheen finish
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy application
  • Water-based
  • 15 colors


  • Different consistency in all colors.

The Johnstone’s kitchen and bathroom paints are not only worth your money but also lower your work burden. With the mid-sheen finish, perfect coverage, and easy application, you can turn your kitchen beauty imagination into reality. It gives you a long-lasting finish with good protection.

5. Dulux Kitchen+ Matt – Kitchen Wall Paint

dulux kitchen paint

Dulux provides you a range of paints that can be used in high traffic areas, low ventilated areas, and even in the kitchen and bathroom. The pure brilliant white color of this paint revamps your kitchen in a modest traditional way.

The specific formulation of this paint gives it amazing fighting capacity against the tough kitchen stains and grease. With the help of this paint, you can lower your kitchen’s maintenance amount in the long run. Its two coats are enough to cover the imperfection of the previous kitchen color. Despite it gives you a recoat time of 5 hours to get a perfect non-reflective matt finish.

It gives coverage of 13 m²/L depending upon the porosity and environmental condition of the kitchen. If you want a color change with a darker hue, then you will need a primer. The low odor and low content of volatile organic compounds make their use safe in other areas of the house.


  • Good coverage
  • Durable
  • Fight against stains and grease
  • Easy to apply
  • Matt finish
  • Pur brilliant color
  • Ideal for kitchen


  • Sometimes times two or more coats are needed

The Dulux kitchen drastically reduces the maintenance expense of your kitchen with its matt finish and excellent fight capacity against the kitchen mess. Its pure brilliant white color with long-lasting features gives your kitchen a new trendy look. It is Specifically built for the kitchen, but you also enjoy its features in other areas too.


If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen walls and cabinets in a new flawless way, then this detailed review of the best kitchen paints makes things easier for you.

The above mentioned best kitchen paints serve you best in their term of features, qualities, and construction. Go ahead, select your kitchen paint, and give your kitchen a more impressive look.