6 Best Masking Tapes for 2021 to Buy in UK Review

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 14/11/2020

If you have the right masking tape in your house, then no one can stop you from achieving those perfect sharp edges. Besides, masking tapes provide great service in your art studio. They provide the perfect borders to your drawings and can hold the paper against the drawing board. Moreover, you can use masking tape labeling or even spraying your cars. The utility of masking tape is not limited to just one task.

Professional Masking Tape Professional Masking Tape 3M Masking Tape ScotchBlue
  • Colour: Blue
  • Size: 48mm x 55m
  • Manufacturer: 3M
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Best Masking Tapes Best Masking Tapes for Northern Brothers Masking Tape
  • Colour:Yellow
  • Size: 52mm 40mm 27mm 14mm 4mm X 20m
  • Manufacturer:MP-00001
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Duck Tape All Purpose Masking Tape Duck Tape All Purpose Masking Tape All Purpose Masking Tape
  • Colour: Beige
  • Size: 50mm x 50m
  • Manufacturer: Shurtape UK
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best masking tape for artists best masking tape for artists Vidillo scotch masking tape
  • Colour: Blue-2cm
  • Size: 30M Length
  • Manufacturer: Vidillo
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Green Multi-Surface Painters Masking Tape gaming laptop under 600 Frog Tape Multi-Surface
  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 36mm x 41.1m
  • Manufacturer: Shurtape UK
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Edge Masking Tape Edge Masking Tape ProDec Advance Precision
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Size: 50 M
  • Manufacturer: ProDec
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A masking tape is made of thin paper that can easily tear and requires no tool for that purpose. In addition to that, the masking tape is easy to apply and pull off—the reason why is because it has a low tack adhesive. The tape sticks firmly to the surface, but the adhesion isn’t strong enough to damage the surface. There are a lot of brands producing masking tapes. We have listed for you the 6 best masking tapes of 2021 from some of the reliable brands.

3m Blue Masking Tape

1. 3M Professional Masking Tape By ScotchBlue

3m blue masking tape

Mask the surface whether you are painting or doing a DIY project with this professional masking tape by ScotchBlue. It is a multipurpose masking tape that can be used for professional purposes. For instance, you can use it to make walls, tiles, glass, etc. it is an easy release painter’s tape that requires only a little pressure. Also, you can take off the tape effortlessly even after several days of application.

Moreover, the tape is such that it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Meaning, apply it on any given surface, and when you take it off, you will see no adhesive left behind. This making tape has been the painters’ best friend for almost 3 decades. All these years, it has not once failed anyone in its performance. The masking tape is made with such materials that resists sunlight and UV rays.

In addition to that, it features an edge-lock technology that seals the paint like anything. Mask the areas with it where you don’t want the paint to reach, and it delivers sharp edges of the paint. Also, this masking tape has water-resistant properties that add to its versatility. Moreover, it is made of crepe paper material and is measured as 48mm x 55m.


  • Water-resistant
  • Edge lock technology
  • Multipurpose
  • UV resistant
  • High performance


  • Thin tape

Get your DIY projects done with this amazing masking tape. It uses edge lock technology, which prevents the paint from bleeding through it. Also, it is a water-resistant masking tape, which makes it versatile in its usage. It also provides sunlight and UV protection. So, if you are looking for a high-quality masking tape, this one could be your best shot.

Best Masking Tape

2. Northern Brothers Masking Tape

Best Masking Tape

Next from our best masking tapes review list is the Northern Brothers masking tape. Take your painting experience to the next level with this super-affordable masking tape. It is a multipurpose tape perfect for your DIY projects, decoration, painting, spraying, drawing, etc. it is super easy to apply and remove and provides a mess-free application.

In addition to that, it comes as a pack having 14 pieces inside. You will find them in different width measurements. You can mask a number of different things while painting. For example, it is ideal for masking light switches and sockets. It locks the area like anything and prevents any seepage of paint. When you take it off, it will give a sharp edge finish to your paint.

Moreover, the tape is very easy to peel from the surface without leaving pieces behind. It has a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which makes the peeling easy. It is a super affordable masking tape that can serve multiple purposes. Also, you need to read the instructions for the application of different types.


  • Multiple-use tape
  • Super affordable
  • 14 pieces in one pack
  • Gives sharp paint edges


  • A bit strong adhesion

Overall, this is a nice masking tape that can be used for different purposes. It is super affordable and comes 14 in a single pack. They come in different width measurements so that you can use it for different projects. It locks the paint with good adhesion and provides sharp paint edges. You can use it to paint cars, draw, or paint your walls; this masking tape provides all.

Duck General Purpose Masking Tape

3. Duck Tape All Purpose Masking Tape

duck general purpose masking tape

Next in line is the Duck Tape All-purpose masking tape. It is known to be one of the best painter’s tapes among artists. You can use it for multiple art and craft purposes, both indoors and outdoors. It can be used for many different surfaces. It is a pressure-sensitive tape and wouldn’t peel or damage the surface. You can use it on the edges of a paper while painting or any other surface. It delivers a tremendous performance.

In addition to that, the tape wouldn’t tear after you are removing it from the surface. You can even leave it for about 30 hours before removing it. The paint locks the edge and doesn’t allow even a tiny bit of paint to bleed through it. If you remove the masking tape immediately after applying the paint it will give the best results. It is advised to clean the surface area from dust and grease for better results.

It has an amazing adhesive quality that sticks firmly against any surface. Moreover, the removal is as easy as it can get. Experts advise taking the tape off at a 90-degree angle for better results. Moreover, this masking tape is a good value for the money. The characteristic features it provides is superb under such a price tag. Also, you get this masking tape in 3 different width measurements.


  • Multipurpose tape
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Easy removal
  • Very affordable


  • Rips easily if not used properly

Overall, this is a good masking tape and does the job efficiently. This masking tape as well performs multiple tasks but under an affordable price tag. You can use it for several different tasks. Moreover, it also can be used on several surfaces. It is easy to apply and easier to take off.

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Best Masking Tape

4. Blue Masking Tape By Vidillo

Best Masking Tape

Next up, we have this tremendous masking tape by Vidillo. Painting, doing DIY projects, drawing, and skirting has never been this easy before. Blue masking tape by Vidillo makes all these activities easy and fun. Like all the other tapes, this, too, is a multipurpose masking tape. It comes in a set having 5 rolls of masking tapes in it. It has great adhesion and provides flawless edges when you paint. You will not find any residue and tape pieces behind when you remove it.

In addition to that, you don’t require any tool to tear it off. You can easily tear it with your hands. Apply it effortlessly over any surface with a little bit of care. The adhesion is such that you wouldn’t see any irregularities or seepage of your paint. Just be sure there isn’t any dirt like dust or grease on the surface before applying the tape. Moreover, it is a waterproof tape, so you don’t have to worry about water damages.

Like we said before, it is a multipurpose tape; you can use it for arts and crafts, painting interior, and even for spray paints. The tape is safe to be used by kids for their school projects. Moreover, you can use it for labeling without the fear of damaging your paper or any other surface. Apart from that, you can use it for spraying cars, protecting power sockets, bundling wires and whatnot. It also has conforming properties, meaning it can be applied to curved areas where it adapts perfectly.


  • High performance
  • Medium adhesion
  • Easy application
  • Leaves no residue
  • Waterproof


  • Less width

This masking tape is all you need for almost any kind of project. It is a versatile masking tape that can be used for multiple tasks. You can use it for drawing, painting, protecting power sockets, and whatnot. It is a conformable masking tape that can adapt well to curved areas. Moreover, it is water-resistant, so that you can find a utility for that feature too.

Multi-Surface Painters Masking Tape

5. Frog Tape Green

Multi-Surface Painters Masking Tape

Frog masking tape is the tape of your dreams, perfect for all the art projects you have to do. It is one of the best masking tapes for its patented paintBlock technology. The formula is such that it consists of an absorbent polymer in it. The polymer reacts with water to form a barrier that blocks the paint entirely, giving you sharp paint lines. It works superbly for the emulsion paints that have water in them. The barrier it forms for stopping the paint to seep has a gel-like consistency.

In addition to that, this tape comes in a casing that protects your tape from any damages. These masking tapes come in a number of different widths to choose from. Also, they provide such adhesion that sticks closely to the surface but is easy to remove. The tape doesn’t tear or leaves any residue when you are removing it from the surface. If you are using it to paint on a canvas, it will protect your paper from damages.

Although the paint is made specifically to paint the walls to provide fine sharp lines, you can also use it for other tasks. There are certain steps to follow for better results. Make sure you clean the surface before applying the tape. If you use a putty knife or something else to smoothen the tape it will give flawless results. Also, remove the masking tape shortly after you have finished painting. This will prevent any peeling of the paint.


  • paintBlock technology
  • Super efficient
  • Provides sharp paint lines
  • Easy application


  • peeling paint reports

Overall, this is a great masking tape for a variety of tasks. It works tremendously for applying paints on the walls and other hard surfaces. It has a special paintBlock technology that gives flawless results. Moreover, the paint is easy to use and remove.

Precision Edge Masking Tape

6. ProDec ATMT002 Advance

Precision Edge Masking Tape

The last product from our best masking tapes of 2021 review list is the ultimate proDec masking tape. It provides unrivaled performance and is favored by artists and DIYers. The manufacturer claims that it provides the sharpest edges for paints, and there is no denying that. This is the reason why it is called advanced precision masking tape. This masking tape is common amongst artists and DIYers.

This masking tape is good for several different surfaces. For instance, you can use it on wood, glass, metal, canvas, and walls. It performed fantastically on almost all surfaces. Apart from that, you can use it for labeling your school projects and also painting walls. It comes in yellow color and is labeled as bleed-free masking tape to provide the sharpest paint edge.

In addition to that, the tape is available in 3 different width measurements. Also, it has a standard adhesion that does not damage the surface you are using it on. Besides, this masking tape is easy to apply and peel. You don’t need any extra tools to cut it. You can tear it easily with your hand.


  • Gives the sharpest edges
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Multiple usages
  • Bleed-free
  • Easy removal


  • Sometimes peel paint

Overall, this is a tremendous masking tape option at such an affordable price tag. It is a professional level masking tape, but you can use it for your DIY projects. If used properly it gives off the sharpest edges for painting. Apart from that, it is a bleed-free masking tape, so there will be no seepage of paint during your task. In short, this product is a bang for the buck.

Bottom Line

Masking tape provides benefits for a great number of tasks. They are great for painting walls, drawing, art projects, spraying cars, and whatnot. These masking tapes are super affordable and will give a flawless finishing to your paintings. They are easy to apply and easy to remove. The adhesion of the tape doesn’t damage the surface, which makes it everyone’s favorite. Our top recommendations from the above-listed products are down below;

All in all, the products mentioned above are of top quality. They provide great utility and are manufactured by leading brands. This article will make it easy for you to buy some of the good masking tapes. We hope this article provides an authentic source. Also, we hope that you have a happy time reading this.