10 Best Paint Brushes For Oil Based Paints In 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

If you are just starting to use oil paints then it is essential to have the right kind of brushes on hand for better results. There are all kinds of brushes out there made from different materials for different purposes. Oil paints require special bristle brushes made from animal hair. These are highly durable and use the right amount of product for smooth paint strokes.

Best Paint Brushes For Oil Based Paints
Best Brush For Oil Based Paint Best Brush For Oil Based Paint Princeton Catalyst Polytip
  • Pieces: 12
  • Manufacturer:Princeton
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Oil and Acrylic Brush Set Oil and Acrylic Brush Set ART Advantage
  • Material: Canvas
  • Pieces: 24-Piece, 1 Pack
  • Manufacturer: Art Advantage
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Winton Long Handle Brush Set Winton Long Handle Brush Set Winsor & Newton
  • Material: Wood
  • Pieces: 36 x 2,2 x 4,6
  • Manufacturer:NW
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Best Natural Bristle Paint Brush Best Natural Bristle Paint Brush WLOT Fan Brush Set
  • Pieces: 6pcs
  • Manufacturer: WLOT
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Best Synthetic Paint Brushes Best Synthetic Paint Brushes Mont Marte Studio Art Paint Brush Set
  • Material: Synthetic Hair
  • Pieces: 15 Piece
  • Manufacturer: Mont Marte
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Professional Paint Brush Set Professional Paint Brush Set Artify
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pieces:15 pcs
  • Manufacturer:ARTIFY
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Paint Brush Set Paint Brush Set CONDA
  • Material:Synthetic Hair
  • Pieces: 24
  • Manufacturer: 24
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Professional Paint Brushes Set Professional Paint Brushes Set VIKEWE
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pieces: 18
  • Manufacturer:Daco
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Detail Paint Brushes Set Detail Paint Brushes Set Artecho
  • Pieces: 15
  • Manufacturer:Cakcos
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Art Pro Paint Brush Set Art Pro Paint Brush Set Adi’s Art Pro
  • Pieces: 10
  • Manufacturer:Adi’s
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So, we have created a list of the Best Paint Brushes For Oil-Based Paints in 2021 for you to find the right brush set. To be an expert in oil painting, you practice with different bristle brushes for perfecting your skills. It is highly essential to have the right tools in your kit, so you can paint any idea you have in mind.

Best Paint Brushes For Oil Based Paints in 2021

  1. Best Brush For Oil Based Paint – Princeton Catalyst Polytip
  2. Best Acrylic Brush Set – ART Advantage Oil
  3. Long Handle Brush Set – Winsor & Newton Winton
  4. Best Natural Bristle Paint Brush – WLOT Fan Brush Set
  5. Best Synthetic Paint Brushes – Mont Marte Studio Art Paint Brush Set
  6. Professional Paint Brush Set – Artify
  7. Best Brush For Oil Based Paints – CONDA Paint Brush Set
  8. Professional Paint Brushes Set – VIKEWE
  9. BEST PAINT BRUSH – Artecho Detail Paint Brushes Set
  10. Pro Paint Brush Set – Adi’s Art

Best Brush For Oil Based Paint

1. Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brush

Best Brush For Oil Based Paint

The Princeton Catalyst Polytip is a synthetic brush that is a close replica of the expensive natural brushes on the market. Princeton has created something that offers high-quality oil painting and falls in the affordable category. The synthetic hair of the brush is split to make it work like the brushes made out of animal hair.

This is for all those new artists who want to collect paint supplies within a reasonable budget. It can be used for both acrylics and oil paints. With a high hair density, the brush can take more paint to avoid any white spaces on the canvas.

Here we have also found Best Paint Strippers for you.

It is available in several types such as round, flat, fan, etc for adding to your brush collection. The brush handle is made of quality wood that is wide enough for you to easily hold. The glossy finish of the handle allows you to have a firm grip when painting.


  • Retains its shape
  • Smooth application
  • Firm handle
  • Unique tip


  • Not for professionals

The best thing about this brush is its Polytip that is composed of split hairs. The tip allows for smooth application and when it is soaked in water for cleaning, it does not lose its firmness. It also retains its shape despite making heavy paint strokes. The Princeton Catalyst Polytip is affordable and made with the best technique to offer amazing results.

Best Acrylic Brush Set

2. Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set

Best Acrylic Brush Set

The ART Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set is specially designed for beginners who want to jump into the world of arts and painting. This brush set contains 24 brushes to give you a variety of brush tips. The handles are sturdy and well made so they can last you a long time.

The brushes come wrapped in a canvas case, which looks quite nice. If you are just learning to use oil paints, then you don’t need to have the brushes used by professionals. First, get the hang of oil painting and practice with these low-priced brushes.

The synthetic bristle hair of the brushes is made of quality nylon and hog that offer smooth application on the canvas. The brushes tend to retain their shapes if used properly. A lot of beginner painters found this brush set to offer great value.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Quality brush hair
  • Good for practicing techniques
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for professional use

All of the brushes have long wood handles to make application quick and smooth. The Art Advantage Oil brush set is amazing for people who want to learn and practice oil painting techniques. Therefore, it is worth buying to express your creativity.

Long Handle Brush Set

3. Winsor & Newton Winton Brush Long Handle

Long Handle Brush Set

The next on the list of best paint brushes for oil paints in 2021 is Winsor & Newton Winton Long Handle Brush Set. Winsor and Newton are widely known for their quality fine arts products and this long handle brush set is another one of their amazing creations. The brush set contains five brushes, which are extremely well-made. The naturally splitting bristle of the brushes is made of Chinese hog.

The splits at the ends of the bristle can grip more paint for achieving better painting results. The handles of the brushes have a green paint finish that looks shiny and appealing. The wood used for the handles is wider in the middle for making it sturdy.

Once you get your hands on the brushes, you will notice the slight curves on the brushes. And this shows how carefully the bristles were placed so that the brush keeps its shape when put to heavy use. The bristles are tightly secured by quality ferrules that are resistant to rust.


  • Outstanding handles
  • Firm grip
  • Well made bristles
  • Offers good variety


  • For beginners only

The variety of brushes in this small brush set will help you perfect your painting techniques. This brush set is ideal for people who think of painting as more than just a hobby. It is a good upgrade from low-priced oil brushes so you should check it out.

Best Natural Bristle Paint Brush

4. Fan Brush Set – Hog Bristle Natural Hair

Best Natural Bristle Paint Brush

Oftentimes, you need to make use of wide paint strokes in oil painting and for that, you need fan brushes. The WLOT fan brush set is a must-have if you want to try different oil painting techniques. Despite being low priced, the bristle quality on this set is amazing.

You won’t experience any hair coming off the ferrules on the brushes. The brush consists of natural hog bristle hair that is smooth and provides a good application on canvas. This set offers a total of 6 brushes of different sizes so they can be used on different projects.

The white handles are carefully designed to offer a comfortable and firm grip. The ferrules are made of aluminum, which makes the brush lightweight and easier to clean. The tightly packed bristles hold a good amount of paint for the perfect application on the first go.


  • Comfortable handles
  • High bristle density
  • Easy to clean ferrules
  • High affordable


  • Not for expert painters

These brushes are quite durable due to the use of quality bristles and wood. So they can last you a long time. The WLOT fan brush set is ideal for kids and young students who want to express their creativity through painting.

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Best Synthetic Paint Brushes

5. Mont Marte Studio Art PaiMont Marte

Best Synthetic Paint Brushes

The Mont Marte Studio Art is a high-quality brush set that comes in a durable wallet case. You will find all kinds of brushes in this case that can be used in oil painting. With 15 different brushes, you won’t feel the need to buy individual brushes.

The synthetic bristles of the brushes are composed of taklon, which is easier to clean and lasts longer than natural bristle brushes. Cleaning the brushes take a lot of effort and fortunately, these brushes clean quickly. The brushes have the ability to hold more paint for smooth painting.

Apart from oil paints, you can use these brushes with watercolors and acrylics as well. The pouch offers amazing portability and the brushes are safely secured inside. The well-made pouch has been found to be quite durable as claimed by users.


  • Well constructed brushes
  • Holds more paint
  • offers easy grip
  • Easier to clean
  • Gorgeous color scheme


  • Large sizes

The long wood handles offer an easy grip for both kids and adults. The handle color is red and the ferrule has a golden color, which looks quite nice. Mont Marte manufactures outstanding products making this brush set worth checking out for impressive oil painting results.

Professional Paint Brush Set

6. Artify 15 pcs Professional Paint Brush Set

Professional Paint Brush Set

The Artify Professional Paint Brush Set is another versatile brush set for beginners. It can be used for all kinds of paints whether oil, acrylics, or water-based. This is a 15 piece set giving you several brush options for creating a full-fledged painting.

The natural wood color of the brush handles looks quite appealing. All the 15 brushes come in a plastic case that you can easily carry in a bag. The natural bristles are smooth on the canvas and offer even application. The long handles allow you to work on bigger canvases.

If you take proper care of the brushes, they will last you a long time. It is essential to thoroughly clean the brushes after use by soaking them in water. Once the dried paint is removed from the brushes, you can leave them to dry naturally.


  • Versatile brushes
  • Natural-looking wood color
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth application


  • Bristles come off

These versatile brushes can be used for school projects no matter what paints you are using. The nickel ferrule of the brushes holds the bristles tightly. The Artify Professional Paint Brush Set offers impressive quality at such a reasonable price making it worth considering.

Best Brush For Oil Based Paints

7. Chip Paint Brushes Set Professional Brush

Best Brush For Oil Based Paints

The CONDA Paint Brush Set is another well-designed brush set that contains 24 brushes of different shapes. These brushes are versatile and can be used with oil, acrylics, and watercolors. The bristles on the brushes are made from soft nylon that offers smooth strokes on the canvas.

The brushes are wrapped and secured in a canvas case so they don’t go missing. The canvas case allows you to easily carry the brush set with you. With such a variety of brushes, you don’t have to buy individual brushes. You can find all that you need in this case.

You can use them for creating miniature and large paintings. The brush handles are made of quality wood, which feels comfortable and light in hand. The handles have a simple natural wood color and offer a firm grip.


  • Offers good variety
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft bristles
  • Smooth application


  • Bristles are stained sometimes

If you have kids who are interested in painting and expressing their creativity then this brush set is worth buying. You can get such a good variety of brushes on quite a small budget. Moreover, these are easy to clean if you clean them right away when you are done with painting for the day.

Professional Paint Brushes Set

8. DACO Clarity Paint Brush Set, 16 Artist Paint Brushes

Professional Paint Brushes Set

The DACO Professional Paint Brush set has a premium design and is made to last. The 16 brushes come in a solid case that can be made to stand. In this way, you can easily access the brushes. It also provides amazing portability and the brushes stay intact when you are carrying the case.

On one side of the case, you will find large brushes and on the other side, there are small bristle brushes perfect for miniature paintings. The handles have a glossy paint finish, which looks quite smooth. All the brush handles are numbered in case you forget which one you used previously.

The bristles are made of high-quality Nylon, which makes them retain their shape when used on a variety of surfaces. These can be used on canvas, wood, and metal provided that you properly clean it after each use.


  • Premium design
  • Available in two colors
  • High-quality brush case
  • Amazing portability


  • Not many flat brushes

This brush set is available in two colors, blue and black and both look equally amazing in hand. The ferrules on the handles are composed of rust-free aluminum and do not let the bristles come off. The pouch also contains a palette knife so you get so many things in one brush set. Therefore, you need to check this brush set.

Best Paint Brush

9. Artist Paint Brushes Set

Best Paint Brush

The brushes in this set have fine tips and are used for detailed paintings. Artecho has designed these brushes to provide the utmost comfort when you use them. The handles have an ergonomic design with a thick middle area so that they are easier to hold for long periods.

As a result, you can avoid hand fatigue when working on fine details on a painting. The brushes come in a bag and you also get a pencil case so it is easy to keep the brushes in one place. All the brush handles are labeled with their names so it is easier to differentiate them.

The handles are coated with a rich blue paint finish similar to the pencil case. You can use these brushes on paper, canvas, and wherever you need to paint details. It has a total of 15 brushes giving you a wide range to use on different projects.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Surprisingly comfortable to use
  • Useful pencil case
  • Fine brush tips


  • Handles are slightly long

You can also use these brushes for nail art due to their fine tips. It is hard to find such a good variety of brushes in a small budget so you must have a look at them. Artecho has used durable materials for both the handles and the bristles making the brushes last longer.

Pro Paint Brush Set

10. Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brushes Set

Pro Paint Brush Set

The Adi’s Art Pro brush set is a high-quality brush set, which is pretty obvious from its packaging. All brushes come safely wrapped and the tips are also secured in tubes. The bristles are made of Nylon and are soft to touch.

Despite having synthetic bristles, the brushes offer smooth application on all surfaces. The soft bristles are perfect for oil painting and acrylics. These are available in three colors namely black, white and grey. The handles are lightweight and easy to work with.

The ferrules on the handles are made of aluminum, which avoids rust build-up when the brushes are soaked in water. One of the best things about this brush set is that it offers a 1-year guarantee, which secures your investment.


  • Good selection of brushes
  • Comfortable handles
  • Affordable
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Fewer brushes

If you are just starting to learn painting or you have had some experience, then this is an affordable brush set to buy for adding to your art supply collection. Many users found these brushes to be easy to work with and you won’t see any hair falling off the brushes. The Adi’s Art Pro Paintbrush set offers great value on a friendly-budget so do consider it.

Buying Guide

If you have started taking interest in oil painting, then it must be difficult to buy the right brush that works best with oil-based paints. Professional painters have years of experience with trying all kinds of brushes and paints so they can make the right choices. But as a beginner, it is best to educate yourself on the type of brushes and what suits oil paints so you can get the right brush set for practicing techniques

Types Of Brushes

A brush set consists of a large range of brushes having different shapes and we have explained some types below to give you an idea about the purpose each brush serves. It is important to note that all brushes come in a number of sizes according to the project you are making.

Things To Consider When Buying Oil Painting Brushes

When you are looking for paintbrushes for oil painting, then you need to keep a few things in mind so that you end up with the right kind of brushes. Bristle type, shape, size, and materials used in making brushes are important things to consider and we have explained them below.


The hair on the brush is known as the bristle. There are two kinds of bristles; one is made from animal hair known as the natural bristle and the other is composed of Nylon known as the synthetic bristle.

Natural bristle is considered to be ideal for oil-based paints as it offers a smooth application and can hold more paint. But if you are a beginner, you don’t need to spend so much on a natural bristle. You can practice with synthetic brushes and then slowly upgrade to the natural bristles.


You can find paintbrushes in all sizes; some are used for detailed miniature work while others for large paintings. Look for a larger brush for washing backgrounds and a medium or small brush for creating details in the painting. Generally, it is recommended to use a brush smaller than 6 for detailed work, and one greater than 14 for large-sized painting.


The shape of a brush is another important aspect to consider as each shape is created to achieve a specific stroking style. We have explained some of the types above but for oil painting, you will need flat, round, and filbert brushes. You can make do with three brushes and get them in different sizes depending on your project.


Most brands use rust-resistant ferrules, which are ideal if you don’t want your brush to get damaged. It is important to ensure that the handles are made of wood as it is lightweight and avoids causing fatigue. A painting brush should have an ergonomic design so that it is comfortable to hold for a long period of time.

Wrap Up

Oil painting is a great form of art to learn and explore if you have the right painting tools. We have explained some of the most affordable and outstanding quality brush sets that can help you start oil painting. Even if you have some experience in painting, you can try out these brush sets to experiment and learn new techniques. Some of our most recommended paintbrushes are given below.

That is all for the 2021’s best paint brushes for oil-based paints. We hope you found this review useful and are ready to start oil painting.