5 Best Paint Brushes For Home & Professional Use

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

People say painting your house interior and exterior demands professional expertise, but we say it just demands passion, with some skill to make it the most enthralling activity!

Our honest reviews about the Best Paint Brushes will be showing you new perspectives, expanding your horizons, and introducing you to the recent shopping trends.

Best Paint Brushes for Home

It is assumed that having some basic skills, accurate tools, and focus on details will always lead to the best results after you end up painting your house. Be it any decoration piece, interior or exterior surface, furniture, window panes, or any other object, and if you plan to renovate it, you got to choose the perfect tool.

We, therefore, have sorted things out for you. To make sure that this becomes your ultimate guide, we have reviewed the best five brush paints, explained the factors to look for before buying the paint brush, and mentioned our top recommendation. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Paint Brushes Paint Brushes LG Harris 13190 – The Best Paint Brush
  • Colour: Platinum
  • Size: 30 x 13.2 x 7 cm
  • Manufacturer: Harris
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Paint Brushes Paint Brushes Pro Grade – Best for Professional Use
  • Colour: Platinum Gold
  • Size: 28.45 x 14.22 x 1.78 cm
  • Manufacturer: Pro Grade Supplies
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Paint Brushes Paint Brushes Wooster Brush – Brushes For Gloss
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 2 inch
  • Manufacturer: Wooster Brush
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Paint Brushes Paint Brushes Coral 31417 – Best Quality Paint Brushes
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Size: Set 5 Pieces
  • Manufacturer: Coral Tools Ltd
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Paint Brushes Paint Brushes Stanley HOBBY – Brushes For Walls
  • Colour: Multi
  • Size: 3.8 x 21.2 x 27.6 cm
  • Manufacturer: STANLEY
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Best Paint Brushes 2021

  1. The Best Paint Brush – LG Harris 13190
  2. Best for Professional Use – Pro Grade
  3. Best Paint Brushes For Gloss – Wooster Brush Q3211-2
  4. Best Quality Paint Brushes – Coral 31417
  5. Best Paint Brushes For Walls – Stanley HOBBY

The Best Paint Brush

1. Harris 2x LG 13190 Platinum Brush Set

The Best Paint Brush

This platinum paint brush set is an epitome of class and exquisiteness. This set of 5 paint brushes is designed to give a smooth finish. LG Harris stands two on our list of best paint brushes, and reviewers have registered a tremendous response for this product.

The painting set contains two 1″ brushes, two brushes measuring 1.5″ and one brush of 2″. This makes up a complete package for painting doors, trims, cabinets, wardrobes, stands, and other surfaces.

The long wooden handles ensure convenient grip for you, so you can continue long DIY activities. The bristles are synthetic and made of high-quality filament, thus giving a soothing finish to the surface anywhere at any time.

Not only for painting, but the LG Harris also works efficiently well for varnish, and for decoupage, that is the art of decorating paper cutouts onto the objects.

Having said that, the durable bristles hold on to more paint and spread it evenly onto the surface. However, the brushes won’t show more compliance towards chalked paint, so this is something you have to take care of.


  • Pack of 5
  • Durable bristles
  • Synthetically built
  • Multiple-uses
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wooden handle


  • Loose bristles
  • Won’t work with Chalked paint

LG Harris paint brush set’s performance speaks volumes, and a huge number of people have applauded this product. We, therefore, are mentioning it as a significant product in our review. You can go for this deal if you carry out home decor activities at regular intervals.

Best for Professional Use

2. Pro Grade Paint Brushes

Best for Professional Use

Explore your artistic skills with the Pro grade Paint brush set, having two brushes used for various purposes. Having a massive rating, it is evident that this paint brush set has delivered a phenomenal performance. So here it tops our list of best paint brushes for your DIY sessions, and we have some solid reasons supporting our stance. Go through the review to know!

Things seem interesting here because you are getting a pack of 2 paint brushes at an economical price. You get a flat 3-inch paint brush and an angled brush of 2-½ inch. These synthetic brushes offer so much versatility, for they are designed specifically to convert ideas into practicality.

Walls get painted perfectly when you have the right tools in your hand. The angle sash brush paints straight lines when cutting in the walls, and thus helps you set a boundary. While the Flat sash paint brush is for the trim or the baseboard. Paint like a pro by following the order, first the trim, then the ceiling, and then go towards the walls.

The best part is, if maintained properly, these brushes are going to last long and can be reused while washing them is a straightforward process. The paint brush made from the thick, high-quality filament, is highly recommended for latex and oil-based paint so that it absorbs more paint, and you have to brush a few streaks on to the surface, yet covering a large area.

The wooden grip handle lets you handle the brush with comfort. It allows feasibility for professionals as well as beginners to apply emulsions on to the walls, decks, cabinets, floors, ceilings, doors, or skirtings. Being a budget-friendly product, it is dominantly favoured by many DIY enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Pack of 2
  • Comfortable grip
  • Reuseable
  • Thick synthetic filament
  • Neat brush strokes
  • Good for cutting-in and trim


  • Bristles may lose hold

The pro-Grade paint brush set is a handy tool for your DIY sessions. With sturdy filaments and solid wood handles, you are getting an angle sash brush and a flat brush at an economical price. We must say that it’s a deal worth getting.

Best Paint Brushes For Gloss

3. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash

Best Paint Brushes For Gloss

Wooster takes painting to the next level with this shortcut Angle sash paint brush. This sleek designed brush paints some neat strokes on the surface. Based on the fact that this particular paint brush received so much appreciation from the professionals as well as the beginners, we are ranking it third on our list of best paint brushes.

Although Wooster Angle sash brush has multiple applications, its sloping edge at the tip makes things more interesting. This brush can be used for painting trims, corners where walls meet, and for cutting-in on the wall. The unique 2-¼ Shergrip handle, actually makes painting feasible, even if you have limited space because it allows free manoeuvrability.

Having strengthened bristles are the essence of the paint brush, and here you will find a beautiful blend of gold polyester and white nylon, rendering the brush appropriate for all paint types. The filaments are arranged perfectly, and the brass-plated ferrule manages these bristles very well and also protects the brush from damage.

Cleaning this brush is possible with a little effort. Moreover, when you observe paint accumulation in the ferrule, simply place it into warm soapy water. This small compact brush will easily fit into tight spaces, so you can paint across the surface simply.


  • 2-¼ Shergrip handle
  • gold polyester and white nylon filaments
  • brass-plated ferrule
  • Excellent for trims


  • Lose its bristles

The Wooster is a fantastic choice if you are finding a paint brush for a defined limited space. Moreover, it will paint some super smooth strokes, proving that every penny spent in its shopping was worth it. When listing products for painting tools, this brush has the potential to be part of the list.

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Best Quality Paint Brushes

4. Coral 31417 Zero Paint Brushes

Best Quality Paint Brushes

Upgrade your tool kit and make this paint brush set the part of it. We are presenting justified reasons that manipulate our review and affirm the next best paint brush on the list is Coral 31417. Providing you optimized control over the paint, this fantastic set of brushes has so much more to offer.

The most significant feature of this brush is the firm hold of filaments in their position. This thick network of the bristles extends out a brilliantly smooth layer of paint onto the surface. Having well arranged, tight bristles allow maximum cover. Along with a convenient wooden handle, giving an ergonomic angle for easy handling of the brush.

There are two options of sets available in the market. It is either a 3-piece set or a 5-piece set. The later one actually has two brushes of 2″, and one brush each of ½”, 1″, and 1-½”. Thus you get an appreciable collection of fairly-sized brushes to meet your daily requirements of painting.

These easy-to-use paint brushes provide a lot of feasibility when it comes to cleaning. Since they are more suitable for water-based emulsion and paints, it is easier to clean them with soapy water. Moreover, the fine-tipped filaments add more to their functionality.


  • Company claims zero-loss
  • Five brushes in one set
  • Economical
  • Well-arranged bristles


  • The handle is a bit short

Coral Zero-loss is a decent paint-brush set that is designed for versatile tasking on various surfaces of your house. Showing its compatibility with water-based emulsions, this paint brush can be a beneficial buy for you.

Best Paint Brushes For Walls

5. Stanley HOBBY Paint Brush Set

Best Paint Brushes For Walls

Presenting you a budget product, that is going to leave you startled. A whopping range of brushes, at such a cost-effective price, you won’t believe. This 10-piece paint brush set from Stanley has almost got everything covered for your day to day home decor tasks.

Mention a size from ½ inch to 3 inches, and you will find it here. These paint brushes show their heroic skills when applying emulsion paints, besides being highly appropriate for applying primer, undercoat, and varnish. The filaments used here are of synthetic material, and they will work very well except for giving final touches of the paint.

You can now paint window-frames, cabinets, and wardrobes with the paint brush of suitable size, or you can opt for painting walls and ceilings with the 3-inch brush present in the set.

The handles in these paint brushes are of plastic, and they will provide you with a top-class comfortable grip. These brushes are easy to clean with water. However, you can add spirit for more enhanced cleaning. If kept with complete maintenance, it can make them last for long.


  • Multiple applications
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Synthetic material
  • Comfortable grip
  • Pack of 10


  • Might shed few bristles

Bring home a 10-piece Stanley set and forget the need for any more paint brushes. For it has all that you might need from a half-inch bruhs to the 3″ brush. Having such versatility at a low price-point is something both magnificent and genius.

Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Paint Brushes

So, as we reviewed the top 5 paint brushes for you, it is now time to head towards the buying guide. This guideline will help you know the foremost qualities a paint brush must possess so that you get the best product tailored for you.

The Material of Brush Fibres

When buying a paint brush, you first have to look at its material. Paint-brushes are either synthetically manufactured or are made up of natural fibres. The brushes with the natural fibres contain microscopic splits that help give a smooth finish to the surface.

Design of Paint Brushes

The next aspect is the design of the paint brush. Here we normally focus on the arrangement of bristles in the brush. To increase the holding capacity of the brush, the makers go for split-end bristles known as the flagged bristles. Moreover, the bristles must have enough flex in them to regain their original position. The bristles of the brush must belong at the centre, short at the peripheral side so that it holds more paint and spreads it evenly across the surface.

Size of Paint Brushes

Size matters the most, and it varies with the purpose of the application. Home decor paint brushes range in size from 0.5 inches to 6 inches. You can paint anything from the window panes of your house to the ceilings, and floors, but all you have to do is to choose the right tool.

Types fo Paint Brushes

Paint brushes usually come in three types. The square-cut brushes that are 4 to 6 inches in size are employed for painting walls, doors, and ceilings. Whereas the angle sash brushes work to paint the trims or for cutting-in. These angled brushes fit best for painting window panes, corners, or edges because they easily reach the area where we have limited movement. The round sash brushes have bristles arranged in a rounded or circular form, so you can paint furniture or decoration pieces of your house.

The grip handle is also a necessary quality because we also have to look for the comfort of the hand. Handles of the paint brushes are either wooden or of plastic. Some are long, and some are short, depending upon the design of the brush. So you must match your preference accordingly. Furthermore, it is important for the bristles to be perfectly conforming with the ferrule and don’t go loose. But you can compromise with the loss of a few bristles.

Having explained the buyers’ guide, we planned to answer some frequently asked questions by the people.

How do you fix paint streaks?

Ans: Sand, the surface with good quality sandpaper of 120-150 grit, to vanish the paint streaks. However, work carefully, for unskilled sanding may result in you doing the second coat.

Is it OK to paint it with a damp brush?

Ans: Yes! It is rather an efficient way to let the brush hold more paint and cover more area on the surface. If you are applying latex paint, place the brush in water, and use spirit to dampen it if it’s an oil-based paint. Remove excess water to make sure it is moist.

Does the second coat use less paint?

Ans: The second coat is just to give a brighter look and impart toughness to the surface. However, for the second, less paint will be used for the equivalent coverage area.


If you are a professional, a beginner, a DIY enthusiast, having the right equipment with you is the real key. To have your tasks perfectly done, and to save effort, time, and money, the smart solution is to make crucial decisions at the right time. The decision of where to invest money, and what exactly are your requirements. Since searching the web will open a bundle of options for you, making the right choice will be the true deal.

Wrapping up the article, we are confident that you have gathered the relevant information that might prove helpful to you when you step into the market. Send us your feedback, and do check out our recent posts on the page. Hit the thumbs up, and stay tuned for more content. Happy shopping!