5 Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets 2021 – UK’s Reviews

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Attain the contemporary looking kitchen with the Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets rather than remodeling it entirely. Keeping in view the mounting cost of renovation, paint is a life-saving option adopted by most of the homeworkers. You can explore your inner home designer and impart durability to the kitchen cabinets at the same time.

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house. So, the cabinets need to be hardwearing and sturdy to withstand the repeated opening-closing, stains from food, and impacts. We bring you five magical products that are specially appointed for this purpose.

Kitchen Cabinets Paint Kitchen Cabinets Paint Johnstones Revive – Top Rated
  • Colour: Pale Grey
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: PPG Architectural Coatings
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Best Interior Paint Best Interior Paint Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 – Best for Interior
  • Colour: Duck Egg
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum
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Under Budget Paint Under Budget Paint Johnstone’s 303929 – Best Under Budget
  • Colour: Brilliant White
  • Size: 1.25 litres
  • Manufacturer: PPG Architectural Coatings UK & Ireland
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Best Cupboard Paint Best Cupboard Paint RONSEAL 35909
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: Ronseal
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Chalky Finish Paint Chalky Finish Paint Rustins Chalky Finish
  • Colour: Georgian Grey
  • Size: 250ml
  • Manufacturer: Rustins
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These are the most reliable products that have been purchased, tested, and reviewed time after time owing to their performance. Prepare yourself to be surprised by the amazingness these products offer.

Best Paints for Kitchen Cabinets 2021

  1. Top Rated – 750ml Johnstones Revive
  2. Best for Interior – Rust-Oleum AMZ0026
  3. Best Under Budget – Johnstone’s 303929
  4. Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2021 – RONSEAL 35909
  5. Chalky Finish 500ml – Rustins

Top Rated

1. 750ml Johnstones Revive

Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

With easy maintenance and unchallenging application, Johnstones Revive is dearest for most of the DIYers and interior designers. The water-based composition imparts further convenience used. It also holds all the amazingness of oil-based paints like extensive durability with good coverage and effortless cleaning.

The product finishes to a glossy Sheen, which can be varied depending on the type used. Johnstones Revive comes in the diverse range from full glass to semi-gloss. The lustrous result from the paint is equipped with low surface porosity, which keeps its stain-resistant. The availability of 3500 lets you decorate the minute but vital space of the house.

For achieving the best results, we recommend you prime the surface for a long-lasting and smooth finish. Priming will sufficiently mount the adherence between paint and surface. An additional effort will give your kitchen cabinets an alluring and appealing touch.


  • Range of colors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting results
  • Water-based formula
  • Low odor


  • Expensive

Johnstones Revive is infused with the greatest properties of Alkyl Paints and oil-based paints. The formula consistency, Low odor, and durability of oil-based Paints in composition gave it high coverage and reduced drying period. Thus, the outcome is more precise and leveled.

Best For Interior

2. Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 A Classic

Best For Interior

Setting trends in the painting of kitchen cabinets, Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 has won hearts across the world because of intensely pigment colors and longevity. Best in England, Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 has dominated the market of the United States List of their premium quality. It has successfully received praise online.

The product has been carefully designed, keeping in view the performance and harmony with nature. It has impressed people by granting prolonged protection to kitchen cabinets and a low ratio of volatile organic compounds. This not only makes it eco friendly but also suitable for use around in pants and enclosed spaces.

Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 makes cleaning effortless. Just wipe with a damp cloth, and your cabinets are brand new again. The brand has not compromised on styling at all. The fusion of both traditional and contemporary looks make it an ideal choice for the home designer and best kitchen cabinet paint.


  • Wipeable
  • Prolong protection
  • Eye-pleasing results
  • Variety of colors
  • Eco friendly


  • Highly-priced

With ongoing threats to life because of pollution, the concern for the environment has increased. In this case, the eco-friendly product has been highly applauded because of its harmony with nature. Moreover, Rust-Oleum AMZ0026 are highly competent in the market because of their performance.

Best Under Budget

3. Johnstone’s 303929 – Quick Dry Satin

Best Under Budget

Under the supervision of a family, Johnstone’s 303929 are known for formulation in intense care and affection. Repeated tested formulas have been made sure for the exemplary outcome, low odor application, and hear wearing nature. To keep the retail safe from the wrong hands, the family only allows selling from their trusted sources. Thus, you can purchase the product online and not from the local market.

Due to intense smoke and heat in the kitchen, it is difficult for paint to retain their original color despite quality pigmentation. They tend to yellow over time, but Fine Paints of Europe has brought the innovation by incorporating new agents. If you are planning on using white for kitchen cabinets to make them look more spacious and well lit, then the white Eurolux Acrylic Paint is an ideal choice.

To bring the best out of your kitchen cabinets, the company also recommends some direction of use. The brushing patty is a modern yet premium quality primer suited for application over wood-based cabinets. It needs to be leveled and sanded down with sandpaper to attain smoother and even finish.


  • Highly Trusted brand
  • Non Yellowing formula
  • Best white paint
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose


  • Expensive
  • Needs primer

Despite the associated high price tag, Johnstone’s 303929 is an extensively purchased and reviewed paint. The reasons behind this are enduring output, low content of fuming chemicals, and non-yellowing formula, making it the best kitchen cabinet paint. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra dollars if you want to invest in some superior quality finish.

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Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2021

4. RONSEAL 35909 White OC Cupboard Paint

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2021

RONSEAL 35909 has successfully made into the list of best kitchen cabinet paints providing the best painting experience to home-based DIYers and designers. It gives an ideal semi-gloss finish that is subtle to eyes and not over the board. For people not pleased by a lustrous and shiny outcome, it is for you!

It doesn’t dry to hard finish but rather retains the soft and flexible texture. This plays a huge role in preventing flaking. As normally observed, one small crack leads to flaking in the entire cabinet. The formula is entirely different from the regular alkyl formula. It has been modified to give better results while retaining the perks offered by the alkyd formula.

The water-based composition omits any use of solvents for ease of use. Priming the surface before application leads to highly durable and even results. BIN shellac primer is defined as the most compatible with RONSEAL 35909. The second coat can be applied to previously dark color surfaces. Also, the product is highly versatile and can be used for doors and trim as well.


  • Versatile
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Water-based
  • Durable finish


  • Drippy texture
  • Overpriced

The semi-gloss finish has been mentioned as ideal with perfect yet moderate sheen and shine. The formula may need some hours of drying and recoating time, but we assure the wait will be worth it. It is easily wipeable and washable. Thus, it is extremely simple to maintain hygiene in kitchen cabinets as well.

Chalky Finish 500ml

5. Rustins CHAPG500 Chalky Finish

Chalky Finish 500ml

Why change the cabinets entirely? Get the brand new look by utilizing the Rustins Chalky Finish 500ml. Use it for bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom cabinets, and it gives highly satisfactory results. It comes in a kit consisting of all the elements you will need to transform the cabinets fully.

The formula is primer infused, so there is no hassle of priming the surface or sanding it down. The elaborated color range allows you to match the paint to the already existing color theme and palette in house. It is compatible with wooden cabinets only or laminate, and melamine. However, all efforts will sink if you don’t carefully degloss the surface.

Deglossing promotes the adherence between the new paint and the surface, making it stick for longer. The application is time-consuming, but you need to be patient to attain the desired results—Degloss the surface and use wood putty to fill in any cracks. Sand down the putty for an even surface, Apply a bond coat and finish it off with glaze and topcoat.


  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Topcoat for extra protection
  • No priming


  • Time-consuming product
  • Needs to be handled by professional painters

The overall results and experience with the Rustins Chalky Finish 500ml highly contend. You will love the new look that your cabinets will acquire with the best paint for kitchen cabinets. We assure you that the process is time taking, but the results are matchless. Spare a weekend and get stress free for years.


What is the best paint to use on kitchen cabinets?

Farrow and Ball Full Gloss Paint is the best paint to use on the kitchen cabinet. If you are not short on budget, then it is the best option to go for.

Do you need special paint for kitchen cabinets?

Only acrylic and alkyd paints are suitable for kitchen cabinets. The paint needs to be full gloss and semi-gloss for easy cleaning.

What is the most durable paint for kitchen cabinets?

As mentioned previously, the full gloss and semi-gloss paints are the best options because of the hard finish and durability it offers.


We recommend you to invest some substantial amount to get your hands on some superior product of the market. This one-time investment will remain fruitful for years. Additionally, painting the cabinets is not as easy as it seems. Always read the instruction first to not miss any vital step during the process.

To further ease the selection process for you, we have further mentioned our top pick after all the analysis.

Concluding the article, your kitchen cabinets are as important as other parts of the house. They need intensive care and protection for the practical storage of your kitchen elements like cutlery or grocery. The best kitchen cabinet paints enlisted will grant the enrichment they need for years. They are well suited for the doors, trim, and other cabinets as well.

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