7 Best Paint Roller (For All Types Of Paints) – UK’s Reviews

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Are you hesitating to hire a professional to revamp your house? Well, we have brought for you the Best Paint Roller that will leave you confused with top-notch results. The professional finish it imparts will leave you startled just in the price of few dollars.

Best Paint Roller

Paint rollers serve the quality tool you require to get an outstanding outcome. They have been designed and manufactured with high-density material to maximize the utilization of paint, reducing the spillage. They provide a swift and quick painting experience covering the bulk of the surface on one go.

Best Paint Roller Best Paint Roller Wagner Spraytech C800952
  • Colour: Black, Silver, Blue
  • Size: PaintStick EZ-Twist
  • Manufacturer: Homeright
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Paint Roller UK Paint Roller UK Wooster Brush R501-9 – Best Paint Roller UK
  • Colour: Null
  • Size: 9″
  • Manufacturer: Wooster Brush
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Roller For Emulsion Roller For Emulsion Bates Paint Roller – Best Roller For Emulsion
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 6 Pieces
  • Manufacturer: Bates Choice
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Roller For Ceiling Roller For Ceiling STANLEY PTST03508 – Best Roller For Ceiling
  • Colour: Tan
  • Size: 8 Piece
  • Manufacturer: STANLEY
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Professional Paint Roller Professional Paint Roller Harris 4129 4″ – Professional Paint Roller
  • Colour: Multi
  • Size: 4″
  • Manufacturer: Harris
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Roller For Matt Roller For Matt Wagner Paint Roller – Best Roller For Matt
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 8 Feet
  • Manufacturer: WAGNER
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Roller For Smooth Finish Roller For Smooth Finish Purdy Adjustable – Best Roller For Smooth Finish
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 12in
  • Manufacturer: Purdy
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Moreover, you can employ small rollers for further-reaching smaller areas and painting wooden furniture. Picking the best paint roller is not as easy as it sounds. This article has narrowed down trustworthy options for you. Read further to know the details.

Best Paint Rollers 2021

  1. Best Rollers For Painting – Wagner Spraytech C800952
  2. Best Paint Roller UK – Wooster Brush R501-9
  3. Best Roller For Emulsion – Bates Paint Roller
  4. Best Paint Roller For Ceiling – STANLEY PTST03508
  5. Professional Paint Roller – Harris 4129 4″

Best Rollers For Painting

1. Wagner Spraytech HomeRight PaintStick

Best Rollers For Painting

Proven to be better than regular paint roller, PaintStick EZ-Twist is equipped with remarkable features competitive to the previous model. The upgrade aimed to make painting fast and a more straightforward process. There are several worths mentioning features, so let have a detailed review of the product.

As mentioned, it is not an ordinary roller. The design excludes the use of a roller tray as the handle does the job. Just dip in the bucket of paint and roll! No drips, No mess. Additionally, use is saved from the hassle of refilling every other minute. Heard about adjustable handle already have you listened about twistable one?

Yes, PaintStick EZ-Twist has a twistable handle that which imparts controlled painting. Moreover, it can be extended to a whopping 64 inches to reach every top corner of the house, for filling the handle, just the stick on the provided tube, and dip it in the paint bucket. The tube functions as a syringe to suck the 18 oz of paint in one go.

The filled paint will automatically travel to the cover, offering drip-free and high coverage applications. The covers are shed resistant, as claimed by Wagner. The caps with further improvement hold the cover steadily in place. The easy application allows you to paint 8 x 8 inches of room at lightning speed of one minute.


  • Twistable handle
  • Long handle
  • No need for tray
  • Easy application
  • Time-saving


  • Difficult cleaning

Users have loved how speedy applications it offers in a matter of minutes. It has been designed to maximize the convenience by omitting the use of the tray. The 64 inches of reach provided let’s you paint the ceiling without feeling aches in the shoulder and neck. However, it might be a difficult task to maintain it later, as many users have faced dysfunction after one-time use.

Best Paint Roller UK

2. Wooster Brush R501-9 Soft Grip

Best Paint Roller UK

Wooster has been crowned amongst the best paint rollers with impressive application and functioning. The unique addition has been the quick release spring allocated in the roller. This allows you to unclasp the cover for cleaning or changing without spillage quickly. Similarly, the cover can be mounted again as well.

The frames impart smooth rolling of cover for improved application giving the level finish. The outcome will be free of any streaks and considerably covering all the imperfections. Wooster claims the use of high-end material like fibreglass reinforced with nylon for enhanced durability.

The shank between the handle and head measures 5/16″ with 90 degrees end attached to the head. This helps it in keeping the cover upright and straight while functioning. The handle has been composed of robust polypropylene with controlled results and a high grip.


  • Quick-release spring
  • Bearings
  • Polypropylene handle
  • Chrome-plated shank


  • Roller handle may lose grip

Wooster Brush R017-9 Roller Frame will just do your painting job right. It is compatible with a variety of covers in the array. Use your desired high-density cover with an ultra-high-quality frame to bring out the best from your effort and time.

Best Roller For Emulsion

3. Bates Choice Paint Tray Set

Best Roller For Emulsion

With guaranteed satisfaction, Bates Paint Roller has earned the place in the list of best paint rollers. The roller has been designed to give superior quality, long-lasting results, and uniform application. Unlike other rollers with plastic-based handles, Bates Paint Roller has a wooden handle for extra grip and control.

The kit consists of a total of 11 products that serve as a whole set of tools for the painting process. The supplied components include one 9 inches and another 4-inch roller frame. Apart from that, it has a paint tray, angled brush, four covers, and one premium foam brush. Comparative to other trays, Bates Paint Roller is equipped with a sturdy tray built to last.

Both naps and filaments incorporated in the brush and covers are high density for increased retention and durability. Apart from that, the kit is extremely user friendly. Whether you are a professional or home-based painter, Bates Paint Roller is the perfect fit.


  • Several accessories
  • Angled brush included
  • Affordable
  • High coverage


  • Maybe damaged in shipping

In the end, Bates Paint Roller is one of the most reliable yet affordable options in the market. The professional designers and DIYers equally praise it for its ease of use and user-friendly nature. The range of sizes of covers and handle allow you to access minor small areas as well as painting large walls.

Best Paint Roller For Ceiling

4. STANLEY PTST03508 Paint Kit

Best Paint Roller For Ceiling

Produced with ultra-premium quality material, Stanley PTST03508 brings the ideal convenience that you dream. The high-density composition retains paint like a sponge preventing drips and splashes. In the next phase, it transfers the paints smoothly to the wall, giving level finish.

The core has been ultimately designed to resist solvent penetration. This keeps it durable and long time providing easy cleanup and maintenance. The set is compatible with all sorts of paint from emulsion to matte. The kit comes with one sturdy metal tray, tray liner, two types of roller frames, and a variety of roller covers.

Along with that, two polyester-based brushes give you the versatility to use any desired applicator. The brushes increase the multi-purposes allowing you to renew wooden furniture as well. It has been observed to provide superior performance with low VOC paints. The microfiber technology in covers and brushes further enhances the performance.


  • Three rollers of various size
  • Two frames of varying size
  • High-density cover
  • Microfiber technology


  • Not durable

The Stanley PTST03508 has everything you need from extensive scale renovations to small scale tasks. It comes with varying sizes of covers small, medium, and abundant with high-density multi-fibre composition. Give new colour to your walls, ceiling, furniture, and doors or fix the previous one Stanley PTST03508 is an all in one product.

Professional Paint Roller

5. Harris 4129 4″ Emulsion Roller Set

Professional Paint Roller

For a minute and detailed painting tasks like reaching the corners or staircase, you need to have a small roller for precise application. Harris 4129 beautifully does the job covering the details. It comes in a set supplying all the necessary material that you will need for touch-ups and painting small areas.

The set includes one paint tray, one gloss roller sleeve, one emulsion roller sleeve, and one roller handle. The emulsion sleeve is suitable for painting walls to give a smooth finish. While the foam-based gloss sleeve leaves a lustrous output, it is well suited for application on doors, trim, and windows.

The product has been intelligently manufactured with an ergonomic design that imparts a solid grip to the user. Both of the woven and foam covers work perfectly to provide desired, even glossy finish. This kit is all you need for entirely renovating your place or conceal it with new touch-ups.


  • Good coverage
  • Suited for precise application
  • Two sleeves
  • Comes in kit


  • Flimsy paint tray

Harris 4129 is the ultimate choice for large painting jobs based on a smaller area. Above all, it has been mentioned as an excellent pick for minor fixing later. It comes with specified and especially designer sleeves for walls and door painting. The material used in manufacturing has been tested for the flawless uniform finish with gloss paint.

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Best Roller For Matt Emulsion

6. Wagner Paint Roller TurboRoll 550

Best Roller For Matt Emulsion

With the trouble-free application, TurboRoll 550 has successfully marked the spot in the list of best paint rollers. The effortless painting experience is just a button away from you. The structure is powered by a battery that efficiently pumps the paint. In this way, paints travel from the tank to the applicatory parts like the cover.

Long gone are the days when you had to bend for refilling the tray repeatedly. Just like the smooth results, the functioning is also soft, with no drips and splashes. One refill allows you to paint 70 square feet of area in a fraction of seconds. The frame can be extended to 8 feet to reach the ceilings comfortably.

Upon purchase, you will receive one roller, one suction assembly, one paint roller head, and four powerful batteries. The suction system and interior paint travelling give a drip-free and uniform outcome. The product has also been applauded for its lightweightness that reduces arm and shoulder fatigue.


  • Battery-powered
  • Good suction system
  • Incorporated paint tank
  • Long handle


  • Difficult to clean
  • Suction doesn’t work well occasionally

TurboRoll 550 is an excellent value for money. With a unique design and working, it is ready to win your heart. The powerful AA batteries effortlessly transport the paint from the tank to the cover. This not only allows you to finish the painting swiftly but also with consistent coverage and smoothness and all points.

Best Roller For Smooth Finish

7. Purdy Adjustable Paint Roller Frame

Best Roller For Smooth Finish

The applicator of the product is as important as the product itself. Both of them fuse their best to bring out the best for you. Purdy Roller has been ergonomically designed to give you user-friendly experience with the exceptional application. The twelve to eighteen inches of adjustable long handle assist you in reaching the ceilings and lower points.

The cam lock system allows you to lock the frame at the desired height steadily. For added facilitation, the structure is sufficiently lightweight with metal composition. This ensures the durability and longevity of the roller to provide you with painting experience every year. The product can be customized as well by mounting roller poles.

The screw fit is versatile enough to fit a range of poles perfectly. It comes with 12 inches of colossus cover to effortlessly transfer the paint to the surface. The tested cover has an angled design for enhancing coverage. The polyamide material effectively absorbs colour, reducing the wastage and spillage.


  • Polyamide material
  • Adjustable frame
  • Reduced dripping and wastage
  • Customizable
  • Angled cover


  • Flimsy roller head

Purdy paint roller serves its purpose very well. It flawlessly covers the brickwork surface as well. The cover has been intelligently designed with a thick pile to retain the maximum paint. Thus with high coverage and excellent metal frame, purdy is the best paint roller for outstanding painting.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Pick the Best Paint Rollers

A roller is not just the roller, and you should not use it blindly for painting. Certain types of rollers are only compatible with certain types of tasks. Likewise, you have to analyze which is the perfect fit for the work you seek to complete. If we generally categorize the paint roller, it has two vital parts. One is the frame, and the other is cover.

Things to be mindful about in the roller frame are its length, design, durability, and handle. The extended frames allow you to access the ceilings and roofs. Also, the broadhead lets you cover larger surface areas in one swipe. There are also paint roller with adjustable length for customizing the reach accordingly.

The design also plays a massive role in the comfort factor roller provides and its performance. Ergonomic design imparts more control to the user for specified painting. Similarly, it gives a solid grip on the handle reducing the arms fatigue and shoulder ache. The presence of ball bearings can further mount the output.

There are different types of covers available in the market with different materials. Different types of material may perform well on one surface while giving a rough finish on another surface. Covers based on wool have been advised to use with oil-based paints. For latex-based paints, you can use synthetic rollers.

Roller cover that is the fusion of wool and synthetic material also comes in handy. They are multi-purpose and perform well with different types of paints. Microfiber is the newly introduced technology that has been tested for paint retention. It is suitable for latex-based and oil-based paints, reducing the wastage during painting.

Lastly, another important fact is the size or length of fibres. Determine the paint you will be using and on what surface it will be used. There are varying nap sizes that you can quickly look online, and their performance with a range of paints.


This article has enlightened you will all the essential information about the best options in the market and the features you need to care about. We are well aware that choosing the right one is a demanding task. This article was an effort to ease the selection process for you further.

Don’t overlook the noteworthy features mentioned in the buying guide to make your purchase save. Owning a durable and high performing paint roller can bring you the ease you may not be able to think about. Just spare a day, and your house is as new as brand new! So, you must choose wisely.

Does a good paint roller make a difference?

Yes, a right paint roller makes a lot of difference. Your high-quality paint will be of no use unless it is not applied with a good roller.

How do I choose a paint roller?

First, choose the paint you will be renovating your house with. Then keeping in view the paint and surface want your paint roller.

Are the foam rollers better for painting?

If you are using latex-based paints, then foam rollers will give a good result. But make sure your surface is smooth before application.

Winding up, in our consideration, Powertec 71010 can be a life-saving product. It has enriched features specially incorporated to make painting a hassle-free experience for you.