7 Best Paint Strippers For Wood in 2021- Review & Buying Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 15/11/2020

Removing the paint from the wood requires milder chemicals for not damaging it. You can remove paint from the wood in several different ways. However, the most effective and easy way is to use a paint stripper. A paint dissolving solution is often a gel-like consistency that is a combination of different chemicals. It provides an easy, safe, and effective way to dissolve old varnish and paint from the wood.

Best Paint Remover For Wood Best Paint Remover For Wood RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit
  • Colour:500ml
  • Size:610 g
  • Manufacturer:RUSTINS
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The Original Peel-It-Off Paint Stripper The Original Peel-It-Off Paint Stripper Kling-Strip
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 5 Litre
  • Manufacturer:Strippers Paint Removers
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MSPS500 500ml Maximum Strength Paint Stripper MSPS500 500ml Maximum Strength Paint Stripper Strength Paint Stripper
  • Colour:Multicolour
  • Size: 500 ml
  • Manufacturer: Polycell
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TX10 Paint & Varnish Stripper TX10 Paint & Varnish Stripper Bartoline
  • Colour: White
  • Size:500 ml
  • Manufacturer: Bartoline
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Paint & Varnish Remover Paint & Varnish Remover Paint Panther
  • Colour:White
  • Size: 2.5L
  • Manufacturer:barrettine
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Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper Biostrip 20
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Biostrip
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All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover Nitromors
  • Colour: WHITE
  • Size: 350 ml
  • Manufacturer: Henkel
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A paint stripper can remove paint from other substrates as well. The chemicals present in a paint stripper when applied to the surface loosen up the paint. This in return produces a thin film of paint or varnish which can be scraped off or removed with a washcloth. This activity requires few precautions to carry out for effective paint removal. Listed below are 7 best paint strippers for wood of 2021 that will make the job as easy as it can get.

Best Paint Remover For Wood

1. RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit

Best Paint Remover For Wood

If you have a hard time scraping off paint or varnish from wood then you ought to try RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit. It is a powerful formulation ideal for removing old varnish or layers of paints from wood or metal. The right application of the product will help you remove multiple stubborn coats of paint. It is a non-caustic formula that doesn’t damage any surface you apply it on.

Moreover, it comes in a gel like consistency which makes it a non-drip formula. It is perfect to be applied on vertical surfaces due to its thick texture. In addition to that, this paint remover is free of harmful chemicals such as Methylene Chloride. Such substances can cause serious health hazards but this paint remover is extremely safe to use.

In addition to that, this paint dissolver can remove a number of different substances. For instance, it is good to strip varnish, paint, cellulose, emulsions, lacquer, polyurethane, and much more. Apart from effective on wood and metal, this paint stripper works best on glass and plasters as well. The chemical has an orange color that helps you identify the areas you have applied it.


  • Powerful paint stripper
  • Non-caustic
  • Safe to use
  • Non-drip formula


  • Requires correct application

Overall, this is a good paint stripper that isn’t just effective for wood but glass, metal, and plaster. It is a non-caustic paint removing chemical which is gentle on the given surfaces. It doesn’t corrode or damage the surface you apply it to. Also, this paint stripper removes several different chemical coats. This is why it finds its place in the best paint stripper for the wood review list.

Paint Stripper for Wood

2. Kling-Strip

 Paint Stripper for wood

Next in line is the Kling Strip paint stripper which is the king of all the paint strippers. This innovative formula covers a wide array of substrates for removing paints and varnishes. What makes it one of the best paint strippers for wood is its effective stripping of lead-based paints. It has been serving you since 1974 and hasn’t disappointed for once. Although this paint dissolver is pricey than the others, it does wonders in its job.

Moreover, this paint stripper is good to remove oil-based paints. This formulation is free from harmful toxins. It is completely safe to be used without the fear of any health hazards. The company claims that it can remove paint in one application and there is no denying that. Kling strip paint remover can be used on wood, plaster, iron, and many more. Moreover, Kling-Strip also provides trial packs to use for testing the original product.

In addition to that, the product comes in a thick paste-like formula making it suitable to be used on vertical surfaces. Also, the product takes time to effectively dissolve the paint. In addition to that, this paint stripper doesn’t require any scraping. You can remove the paint or varnish with a washcloth. Also, this product has been used professionally and has proven to be very effective.


  • Very effective
  • Free of toxins
  • Thick paste formulation
  • Tested and proven
  • Doesn’t need scraping


  • expensive

Overall, this is an effective paint dissolving formulation that is best loved by the majority. It has a proven formula that strips the paint off efficiently. It is free from toxins and has easy usage. Its thick paste-like consistency makes it suitable for vertical surfaces. All in all, this is an incredible chemical to dissolve layers of paint from the wood.

Paint Remover for Wood

3.Polycell MSPS500 500ml Maximum Strength

Paint remover for wood

Next from our best paint strippers for the wood review list is the Polycell MSPS500. This is an incredible option if you want easy and quick paint removal from the wood. Polycell is great as it doesn’t harm the wood you are using it on. It has a non-caustic formula and works efficiently on the paint to dissolve it. Also, this paint stripper can be used on other surfaces besides wood for the same purpose.

In addition to that, it is perfect to remove solvent and water-based paints. You can use this paint stripper to remove layers of paints from the metal surface as well. The solution effectively penetrates into the layers of paint to loosen it. Also, this paint stripper doesn’t require a long reaction time. Instead, it starts the reaction quickly and gives the results.

Moreover, the formula turns the layer of paints into a soft film that is super easy to remove. Also, you don’t require harsh scraping to take off the paint. Instead, you can use a washcloth or light scraping for its removal. It is an affordable yet effective option for your paint removing projects. It comes in a handsome quantity under such a price tag.


  • Effective
  • Thick formula
  • Quick and easy
  • Affordable


  • Might cause irritation

Overall, this is a nice affordable, and effective option for a paint stripper for wood. It has an easy application and requires less time for dissolving paint. Moreover, it doesn’t damage the surface you are using it on. In addition to that, it has a thick formula making it good for vertical surfaces. All in all, this is an effective paint stripper in the market.

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Best Paint Remover for Wood

4. Bartoline 55878754 TX10

Best Paint Remover for Wood

Next in line is the super affordable Bartoline paint stripper. It is considered to be one of the best paint strippers for wood for decoration and DIY purposes. The formula is super safe to use and is devoid of toxic substances such as methylene. The chemical is less volatile so there is minimal to no chances of inhalation. Moreover, the chemical has a non-drip consistency making it ideal for vertical surfaces.

In addition to that, it is non-inflammable so there’s no worrying about that matter as well. The non-drip super cling formulation makes it mess-free and there is less wastage of the paint stripper. It also doesn’t cause any damage to the surface you apply on specifically wood. Moreover, this brand has been serving since the 80s so there’s less worrying about the authentication issues.

On top of that, the solution is super affordable and effective. You can’t find any other paint stripper that is cheap and highly effective at the same time. Moreover, the paint remover is super easy to apply and remove. All you have to do is apply a thin film on the required surface and give time to react. The paint stripper will start to dissolve the layers of paint from the wood to be removed from it. You can scrape off the paint or varnish with a scraper or putty knife.


  • Highly effective
  • Affordable
  • No evaporation
  • Non-inflammable
  • Non-drip


  • Requires time for reaction

Overall, this is a wonderful paint stripper that effectively takes the paint off. It is best known for its affordability and safety in usage. Its solution comes in a non-drip formula making it a mess-free paint stripper. Also, the chemical is non-inflammable and toxin-free which adds more to the safety criteria.

Paint & Varnish Remover

5. Paint Panther

Paint & Varnish Remover

Next from our best paint strippers for wood is the ultimate Paint Panther. It comes in a huge can in a handsome quantity under such a price tag. This paint stripper is affordable yet effective to buy. Like other paint dissolvers, this too is free from methylene chloride which otherwise may pose serious health hazards. You can easily remove multiple layers of paint or varnish with this paint dissolver.

It comes in a gel-like formulation making it mess-free easy to apply paint stripper. It comes in a 2.5liter container which can cover a large area for any given project. The solution is non-caustic hence you can use it without fear of damaging the wood or other surfaces. Also, the application and removal are effortless. You don’t require any specialized tools for that purpose.

In addition to that, it covers a wide number of substrates to remove paint from. Besides that, you can also remove a number of different types of coating with this chemical. It has an odor-less formulation so people with odor allergies can use it without any worry. Lastly, you can also purchase a shave hook with it for better results.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in large quantity
  • Very effective
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-drip


  • Not the strongest paint stripper

Overall, this product does its job effectively. If applied properly and given the reaction time it will dissolve layers of paints from the wood. It is affordable, non-caustic, toxin-free, and non-drip. It has got all that you will need from a paint stripper. Lastly, it has a gel-like formula making it a mess-free paint remover.

Best Paint Remover for Wood

6. Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper

Best Paint Remover for Wood

Biostrip is well known for its environmentally friendly formulation. It is free from toxins and provides an effective way of removing paints and varnishes. The formula doesn’t cause any damage if you apply it to the wood. It is a water-based solution so you can easily remove it from the surface you apply it on. Also, this product covers a wide array of substrates to remove paint and varnish from. The product is easy to apply and even easier to remove.

In addition to that, the solution doesn’t just remove paint and varnish. Besides that, it can also remove radiators, gloss, acrylic, emulsions, and primers, etc. The substrate it covers is wood, stone, masonry, metal, glass, concrete, stone, and brick. Besides, this paint dissolver can also be used on basic plastic surfaces. This biostrip will prove to be extremely environment friendly and effective for all your projects.

Moreover, it is a non-caustic, non-drip formula. This type of consistency makes it mess-free and easy to use. Also, there is less wastage of the product during the application. If used properly it will show incredible results. All you have to do is brush a layer on the required surface. Leave it to slowly dissolve the paint or varnish. Once the paint loosens, scrape it off with a scraper or use a washcloth. Lastly, it is a low odor chemical so there are fewer chances of irritations.


  • Very effective
  • Non-drip
  • Covers a variety of substrates
  • Removes multiple coats
  • Affordable


  • May cause eye irritation

This paint stripper is a tremendous option that can be used on multiple substrates. Besides, this paint stripper removes a wide variety of chemical coats. It is a non-caustic formula and will not damage the surface you are using it on. Also, the paint dissolver is easy to apply and remove. All in all, this is another best paint stripper to get your hands on.

Paint and Varnish Remover

7. Nitromors All Purpose

Paint and Varnish Remover

The last product from our best paint strippers review list is the Nitromors paint and varnish remover. This paint remover doesn’t just dissolve paint from wood but can remove it from a variety of substrates. Nitromors is effective to strip a number of different chemical coatings. It is a quick resting formula that is easy to apply and remove. Besides, it is a non-drip formula that makes it ideal for vertical surfaces.

Moreover, you can have a perfect application of this product due to its green color indicator. You can easily see it on the surface allowing you to apply it evenly. A single application of the product can loosen up two layers of paint at one time. Nitromors work best on wood, metal, and masonry. The formula doesn’t cause any damage to the surface you are applying to.

This product is water and solvent washable so it is effortless to remove from the surface. The solution is safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. However, you should be extra careful while applying it. It is highly inflammable so take precautionary measures before using this item. This paint stripper is less volatile that makes it effective for a longer period of time.


  • Very effective
  • Non-volatile
  • Green color indicator
  • Multipurpose
  • Toxin-free


  • Highly inflammable

Overall, this product is incredible to be used on wood, masonry, and metal. It can effectively remove paint, varnish, and lacquer. Also, it has a green colored gel that makes it visible during application. It is less volatile due to which it works actively for a long time. Lastly, it is water and solvent washable making it easy to remove.

Buying Guide

There are numerous paint strippers available in the market. You need to make a choice as per your specific requirements. We will share all the required extract of information right here. It will make it easier for you to choose the best serving your purpose. Primarily based on my experience, you need to look at a few major requirements in paint strippers. Firstly, it should address your safety concerns of usage and doesn’t pose any sort of threat or danger of physically injuring or burning you. Apart from that also the efficiency with which it takes care of your requirements. Listed below are some of the considerations you need to make before buying the right wood stripper.

Solvent Strippers

These are one of the most effective paint strippers which can make the job very easy. These are very effective for wood and can strip clean the required place in mere 10-15 mins. However, the efficiency and quick outcome come at a greater risk associated with it. A common active constituent of these strippers is Methylene Chloride. The rest involves Ketone, Toluene, and Acetone. These compounds are too harmful and can have disastrous effects on both human health and the environment.

The ease of usage and good results come with ever greater risk of using such hazardous chemicals. Proper safety measures must be adopted before applying these compounds. This will avoid coming in any sort of contact with them and for proper disposal of the used product. Also, it is advised that you hire a professional for removing the paint if you plan on buying these paint strippers.

Caustic Strippers

These strippers are way safer to use than the solvent strippers. The usual active ingredient in them is sodium hydroxide. When it interacts with the paint turns it into a soapy solution that just starts coming off quite conveniently. These kinds of strippers are good to go for water and oil-based paints. Due to the alkaline nature of these strippers, the only drawback to look for is that it might discolor and blacken if applied to wood.

Bio-Chemical Stripper

The main constituents of these paint strippers are mostly extracted from plants. These ingredients make it very safe to use because of its environmentally friendly products. They mostly include citric acid, terpenes, or alcohol which doesn’t pose any serious health hazards. A good quantity of chemicals will go on the paint and will take a few hours to loosen it and then be taken off.

Know What Paint You are Using

If you know what kind of paint you are removing from the wood then you can easily find the right paint stripper. If the paint you are removing is latex-based paints and varnishes then you can use mild chemicals for that. On the other hand, if you mean to remove the paints and varnishes that are oil-based then you should use stronger chemicals. In this way, you can easily choose the best paint stripper for dissolving paint.

Type Of Wood Surface

If the wood surface from which you are trying to remove paint has a lot of carvings then you must go for gel paint strippers. Usually, gel-like formula sits perfectly on any surface without dripping. If you use thick paste-like paint remover there will be no mess and efficient removal of the paint. Also, the gel paint strippers can cover the wood carvings very well.

Protective Gear

Lastly, no matter how safe you paint a stripper is to always wear protective gear. It contains certain chemicals that may cause allergic reactions on your skin or irritation in your eyes. Make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves so that no chemicals go into your eye or touch the skin.

Wrap Up

A good quality paint stripper is all you need to dissolve the stubborn paint from the wood. Paint strippers for wood are formulated to loosen the paint or varnish from wood specifically. Scraping off paint from wood with sandpaper might damage the wood carvings or overall woodwork. Besides, it takes a lot of time and energy, and effort to use sandpaper for that purpose. Paint strippers provide an easier and more effective way to dissolve the paints from any given surface. Our top picks from the above-mentioned products are down below

All of the products mentioned above are reliable and effective. We have picked the best products that are favored by the majority of the people. Also, they are free from toxins and are extremely safe to use. Moreover, all the products are affordable and produced by authentic companies. We hope that this article helps you find the right product.