6 Best Paint Strippers for 2021 (UK’s Only) Review

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 14/11/2020

If you mean to scrape off layers of paints and varnish from any surface, then a good paint stripper is all you need. A paint stripper has a gel-like formula usually made with solvent washable ingredients. It is made with a combination of active chemicals to dissolve paints, varnish, lacquer, and certain other substances. The contemporary paint strippers are toxin free, making them safe to use.

Best Safe Paint Stripper Best Safe Paint Stripper Osmo Paint Stripper 6000
  • Size: 1 Litre
  • Manufacturer: Osmo
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Best Non Toxic Paint Remover Best Non Toxic Paint Remover Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper
  • Size:750ml
  • Manufacturer:Biostrip
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Best Heavy Duty Paint Stripper Best Heavy Duty Paint Stripper VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun
  • Size: Two Temperature Setting
  • Manufacturer:VonHaus
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Best Non Toxic Varnish Remover Best Non Toxic Varnish Remover Polycell Strength Paint Stripper
  • Size: 1L
  • Manufacturer:Polycell
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Best Paint Dissolver Best Paint Dissolver RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit
  • Size:500ml
  • Manufacturer:RUSTINS
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All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover Nitromors
  • Size:350 ml
  • Manufacturer:Henkel
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There are tons of brands producing paint strippers, making it quite hard to choose the right effective product. However, it isn’t impossible to choose a good product. Listed below are 6 best paint strippers of 2021 we have picked for you. Make removing paints and varnishes just as easy as it can get with these paint dissolvers. All of the products are safe and easy to use.

Best Paint Strippers of 2021

1. Osmo Paint Stripper 6000 – Best Safe Paint Stripper

Osmo Paint Stripper

The top product from our best paint strippers for 2021 list is the Osmo Paint Stripper. It is the most powerful solvent resistant paint stripper you will ever see. Osmo paint stripper can dissolve even the toughest paints. It has a long open time and will disintegrate layers of paints in just no time. Moreover, this paint stripper aromatic compound-free, so you don’t get allergies. In addition to that, Osmo paint stripper is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons that cause chronic toxicity.

This is a superb paint stripper to buy for dissolving several things. It can dissolve wood stains, latex paints, component lacquers, oil coatings, polymer plasters, and dispersion glue. It is so effective for removing your wallpapers without leaving any residue behind. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any toxic chemical so you can use it without any fear.

This paint stripper doesn’t thin with time and stirring. It works well with just one coating on the required area. Also, the paint stripper is easy to apply on the required surface. All you have to do is stir well, coat the surface with a brush with it, and cover it with foil. The chemical will start to dissolve depending upon the type and layering. Read the manual before using your paint stripper.


  • Free from toxins
  • Very effective
  • Affordable
  • Dissolve multiple chemicals
  • Free of aromatic compounds


  • A little pricey

Overall, this is an excellent paint stripper for your house. The quantity is good, and it is free of aromatic compounds. Also, the stripper is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The paint stripper is free from toxins so that people can use it safely. Also, the quantity is large enough to last you long.

2. Biostrip 20 750ml Paint Stripper – Best Non Toxic Paint Remover

Biostrip 20

Next from our best paint strippers review list is Biostrip 20. The chemical is very effective in removing paints. Biostrip works tremendously on all the suitable substrates provided you don’t leave it for a very long time. It covers several suitable substrates and will stun you with the performance. For instance, you can apply it to all wood types, marbles, stones, bricks, etc.

Besides, the consistency is thick to ensure there is no dripping on unwanted surfaces. In addition to that, the company employs a novel stripping technology. It is a water-based stripper hence making it very safe for the environment. The application is effortless and user-friendly. You can spray it on the surface with the spraying bottle. It ensures there is minimum contact with your skin.

Moreover, it can also remove a wide type of coatings. That includes varnish primes, oil-based paints, chrome coatings, emulsions, and water-based coatings. On top of that, the stripper is toxins-free. For instance, it is solvent-free, VOC-free making it safe to use. Also, it is non-inflammable and non-caustic, adding more to the safety feature. In addition to that, it has a neutral pH causing no harm to your skin.


  • Toxin-free
  • Non-inflammable
  • Non-caustic
  • Very effective


  • Thick for the spray nozzle

Overall, this paint stripper is an excellent option for removing a wide variety of coatings. What makes it more favorable is its environment-friendly nature. Biostrip paint stripper is economical and free of toxins. Also, it is a water-based stripper and has a neutral ph making it one of the best paint stripper for 2021.

3. VonHaus 2000W Heat Gun – Best Heavy Duty Paint Stripper

VonHaus 2000W

Next, we have is this revolutionary VonHaus heat gun for paint stripping. It is one of the best paint strippers for using innovative technology. This paint stripping device can get multiple jobs done for you. You can use it for melting adhesives, stripping tough paints, bending pipes made of copper, and whatnot. VonHaus heat gun can also light BBQ for you, which is amazing. All in all, it is a multipurpose heat gun that has great utility.

It works by projecting hot air from the nozzle to do the work. It comes with two temperature settings: 350 and 550 degrees centigrade with 250 and 550/L airflow. The VonHaus heat gun has an integrated thermostat, which prevents it from overheating. This heat gun comes with four types of nozzles. These are concentration nozzle, air spreader nozzle, reflector nozzle, and protection nozzle. All of these perform different types of tasks specific to them.

In addition to that, the device comes with an ergonomic design. It provides a comfortable grip. Also, you can use it without getting your hands fatigued even for a longer time. The material with which it is made is of excellent quality, making it durable and long-lasting. Lastly, this heat gum comes with a 2 years warranty so that you can return it in case of any damage.


  • Durable heat gun
  • Used for stripping paints
  • Multiple usages
  • 2 years warranty
  • Ergonomic design


  • Noisy

Overall, VanHaus is an incredible heat gun having multifarious usage. You can use it for stripping paint, and it does the job very efficiently. It has an ergonomic design and a durable body. This heat gun wouldn’t strain your hand muscle even after long usage. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty giving you peace of mind.

4. Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper – Best Non Toxic Varnish Remover

Polycell Paint Stripper

Next up, we have the Polycell Maximum Strength paint stripper. This paint stripper is considerably one of the best paint strippers due to its powerful dissolving ability. It comes in a huge tub size that can last you a long time. This stripper can dissolve many different paints and varnishes. It doesn’t harm the surface from which you are stripping the paint. Also, this stripper doesn’t harm or darken the wood.

In addition to that, this stripper is free from toxins. It is thus safe to use and doesn’t cause any harm to your health. Moreover, it has a thick formula so that it wouldn’t drip. It can be used on wood and metal surfaces and is effective to dissolve water-based and solvent products. The stripper is easy to apply. All you need is a brush to apply films of the product. Polycell paint strippers require reaction time, after which it shows really good results.

The product is really gentle on surfaces. It is free from chemicals that would otherwise harm the surface. In addition to that, the stripper is very easy to take off from the surface. You are required to scrape it off the surface, which is effortless. It can easily strip the aged varnish layer wood as easily as it can get.


  • Powerful stripper
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Free from toxins
  • Non-drip formula


  • Not the strongest on the market

Overall, Polycell paint stripper does the job if used properly. It is a good affordable stripper that works best for DIY projects. It works amazingly on wood and metal surfaces. In addition to that, it has a non-drip formula, so it doesn’t cause a mess around. All in all, this is an incredible option at such a price tag.

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5. RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit – Best Paint Dissolver


The next product from our best paint strippers review list is Rustins Strypit. This is also a powerful paint and varnish dissolver suitable for multiple substrates. It has a gel-like formula that efficiently dissolves multiple coats of paint. Not only does it remove paints, but it also can remove old varnishes. It can perform on multiple surfaces. For instance, it works on wood, metals, stone, mason, and glass.

In addition to that, it is a non-caustic stripper and is also free of dichloromethane and other harmful acids. This paint stripper does not cause any side effects on your health as it is toxin-free. Also, it covers several coat types that need removal. For example, it can remove varnish, paint, emulsion, lacquer, cellulose, polyurethane, and much more. This paint stripper is gentle on the surfaces, meaning it doesn’t harm any surface you apply it on.

Just like all the other paint strippers, this one too is very safe to use. Also, the application is effortless. You will require a paintbrush for the application. All you have to do is apply one layer, wait for some time, and then apply another layer. Leave it for half an hour, and then you can strip the paint off the surface.


  • Non-caustic
  • toxin-free
  • Very effective
  • Gentle on the surface


  • Pricey for the quantity

Overall, you get an effective paint stripper that provides superb performance. It is free from acids and is caustic-free. It does not damage the surface you are using it on. Moreover, the application is effortless. Just apply it with a brush and clean it after some time. Lastly, paint strippers can remove a wide number of products.

6. Nitromors – All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover


The last product from our best paint strippers review list is Nitromors paint and varnish remover. It is super affordable and does an effective job. This paint remover has a non-drip formula, meaning it has a thick consistency. This consistency makes it good to be used on vertical surfaces. It comes in a green color so you can easily detect where you have applied it.

In addition to that, this pain dissolver can be washed with water. Moreover, this product is also solvent washable. You can remove paint, lacquer, and varnish with this paint remover. All you have to do is apply a thick coat on the required surface to see better results. Also, it consists of a powerful combination of chemicals that can remove up to five layers of paint.

In addition to that, the formula of the product is less volatile, making it more efficient in performance. It works best on wood, masonry, and metal and can dissolve varnish or paint layers when applied correctly. The application is also very easy. You can refer to the manual of the product for better results.


  • Very effective
  • Dissolves layers of paint
  • Affordable
  • Green color indicator


  • Requires thick layering

If you are looking for an affordable paint, then Nitromors paint remover will be your best shot. This paint remover does the job when applied correctly. It also covers a wide variety of surfaces to remove varnish or paint from. On top of that, this stripper has a green color, which helps in its identification and hence better application.

Bottom Line

A paint stripper is a product of great utility to keep at home. You can use them for refurbishing wooden stuff by removing the varnish. Also, they are great for stripping paints for fresh reapplication. Moreover, these non-drip paint strippers are very easy to apply. All you need is just a plain paintbrush and apply it on the desired surfaces. Some of the top recommended products from the above listing are mentioned below.

It is to ensure that the aforementioned products are of great utility. They are very effective and provide incredible performance. They are brought forth by top-rated manufacturers who promise nothing but excellent performance. We hope you find this article helpful and serviceable to find the right product to buy.