5 Best Radiator Paint Reviews (UK’s 2021) Buying Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Hiring a professional or planning to paint the radiators yourself? So searching for which paint will do best for you? So here you are at the right spot. Well, this post focusing just on the Best Radiator Paint has lined up things for you. A professional knows his job, but If you plan to paint yourself, then we have listed some tips and tricks so that you achieve the results like a pro!

Radiators are responsible for conducting heat throughout the house, so the question is how the paint enamel effects or benefits the radiators. Be clear on the point that the radiator paints are not going to affect the convective properties of the radiators. Therefore we can apply any shade of color on the radiator. Specific radiator paints are available in white color, and this gives off a subtle aesthetic look.

Best Radiator Paint

Radiator paints put forward so much advantage in a way that it revamps old radiators, vanishes rust and prevents it. Moreover, it’s anti-moisture shield protects it from cracking or chipping in damp conditions. These paints concede a brilliant look to the radiators and further improve their capacity to tolerate high temperatures. The paints are particularly formulated to get quickly-dried; therefore, you don’t have to wait.

Radiator Paint Radiator Paint Hammerite REG500 – The Paint for Radiator
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Hammerite
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Clear Radiator Paint Clear Radiator Paint Rustins RADS250 250ml – Clear Radiator Overcoat
  • Colour: White Satin
  • Size: 0.25 litres
  • Manufacturer: Rustins
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Radiator Enamel Aerosol Radiator Enamel Aerosol Hammerite – Radiator Enamel Aerosol
  • Colour: Satin – White
  • Size: 0.4 Litres
  • Manufacturer: Hammerite
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White Radiator Gloss White Radiator Gloss Rust-Oleum – White Radiator Gloss
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.4 litres
  • Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum
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Cheapest Radiator Paint Cheapest Radiator Paint Ronseal One Coat – Cheapest Radiator Paint
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.25 litres
  • Manufacturer: Ronseal
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Having known so many plus points, we were convinced enough to expand our research and look for the best radiator paints in the market. We, therefore, have mapped out and elaborated our analysis here so that you, too, can get to know more. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

Best Radiator Paints 2021

  1. The Paint for Radiator – Hammerite REG500
  2. Clear Radiator Overcoat – Rustins RADS250 250ml
  3. Radiator Enamel Aerosol – Radiator Enamel Aerosol
  4. White Radiator Gloss – Rust-Oleum
  5. Cheapest Radiator Paint – Ronseal One Coat 250ml

The Paint For Radiator

1. Hammerite REG500 Radiator Paint

The Paint for Radiator

Hammerite has always been producing magnificent products for the protection of metal surfaces. This radiator paint is also one of those items from Hammerite that have grabbed the attention of many professionals as well as beginners.

Procuring a glossy finish with this paint, the water-filled radiator in your house or those hot pipes are going to acquire long-lasting protection. It’s the shiny white color will stay the same for years to come, and won’t turn yellow. Furthermore, it is heat resistant paint, so it will strongly withstand all the wear and tear without any damage. A

This easy to apply paint sticks to the surface, ensuring strength and sturdiness. Moreover, the paint goes to touch dry within six hours of application. But since it’s a solvent-based paint, it still has less drying time. Having a higher ratio of VOCs, the paint isn’t suitable for less ventilated areas. However, such composition assures sustenance of the color throughout. Along with this, it also doesn’t release toxic odor in the air.

This budget product does only demand to prime if the surface is not treated previously. Already painted surfaces are ready for direct application, no primer required. Make sure that the primer has covered up the bare and rusted parts of the surface.


  • Glossy finish
  • Quick dry
  • Less odor
  • Non-yellowing
  • No primer needed
  • Heat resistant


  • Thin consistency
  • Available in only White color

Hammerite radiator paint is going to develop a perfect adherence to the radiator’s surface so that you forget about the worries related to damage caused to the paint during heat transference. This first ranked product on our list can be a brilliant choice for you.

Clear Radiator Overcoat

2. Rustins RADS250 Quick Dry Radiator Paint

Clear Radiator Overcoat

Dustin’s RADS250 is here to save you a lot of time and effort because it’s special feature is fast drying. Loaded with more qualities, this radiation paint from Rustins stands second on our list of best radiator paints. Read further to know more.

The Rustins radiator paint has the super-fast drying capabilities that make the appliance ready to touch within half an hour. Moreover, the surface is ready for the second coat after 4 hours. The acrylic-based composition of this paint renders the satin or glossy finish to the target, depending upon the finish you choose.

This stalwart product resists heat that grants compliance towards heat pipes and water-filled radiators. Since radiators continuously deal with heat transmission, so the paint must be tolerant towards high temperatures. Moreover, it’s anti-yellowing formula prevents it from changing color over time, making it a durable paint.

The paint shows effortless application on metal and wood surfaces as well, with a coverage capacity of 14m2. Its fine thick consistency forms a smooth layer of enamel over the target. The paint is available in three different quantities, including 250ml, 500ml, and 1Liter.


  • Quick-dry in 30 minutes
  • Acrylic-based composition
  • Anti-yellowing formula
  • Heat resistant
  • Glossy/satin finish options available
  • Water-based paint
  • High-quality white pigment


  • Two coats required

Rustins RADS250 protects and decorates the radiators resulting in a newly renovated appliance of your house. Being less in VOCs, the paint has eco-friendly qualities, thus making sure working with it is both safe and fun. Therefore it can be your next buy.

Radiator Enamel Aerosol

3. Hammerite 5092847 Radiator Enamel Aerosol

Radiator Enamel Aerosol

This aerosol paint from Hammerite is our third top-rated radiator paint. This spray paint takes home decor activities to the next level. With so much feasibility offered by this paint, we have a lot more to discuss. Head towards our review to know more!

This spray puts a long-lasting enamel on the radiator surface, shielding it from damage and rust. Also, the paint shows high heat resistance that makes it stick to the object with excellent durability. This though paint also prevents yellowing and fading of the color. So the paint stays pure white throughout.

Easy application through the spray paint results in less effort, efficient coverage, and minimum budget. The aerosol can spray a mist that forms a smooth layer, procuring a satin finish. The heat pipes and the water-filled radiators get guaranteed protection, setting aside your worries of recurring rust and chipping of paint.

The hard-wearing paint is available in the market in a 400ml can. It produces less odor, and the paint gets completely dry within 4 to 6 hours. If required, you can spray a second coat as well. However, do take care of certain things like covering the area of 1 meter around the radiator, because the mist particles travel and may damage wall paint. Secondly, do wear a mask and gloves, so it causes no harm to you.


  • Spray mist
  • Quick-dry
  • Satin finish
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Prevents rusting


  • Demands two to three coats

If you are looking for a quick solution to paint the radiators, then the Hammerite radiator enamel aerosol is the right choice for you. It holds on to the surface, is hard-wearing and you will love the finish.

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White Radiator Gloss

4. Rust-Oleum AE0060001E8 Radiator Enamel

White Radiator Gloss

The next radiator paint on the list is from Rust-Oleum, and it’s the glossy white radiator enamel. You are going to like every bit of it from packing to the mist sprayed and the area it will cover. This remarkable radiator paint shows phenomenal results besides being a budget product.

If the metal surfaces inside your home are subjected to even 80°C, rely on this paint to handle such high temperatures. This tough paint forms a strong coating onto the surface, assuring that it stays on the surface for a very long time. It renders the water-filled radiators rustproof, so they withstand heat transmission quite efficiently. Not only rust, but this paint also resists moisture as well, keeping the surface dry.

The paint is formulated specifically to manage wear and tear with ease. The brilliant white shade remains the same for years and doesn’t fade. Over and above that, this quick-dry spray paint takes no time adapting to the surface. The container is filled with a considerable quantity of paint that covers 50% more area as compared to regular paints when sprayed from the nozzle.

The paint is easily washable, so you have to face no issue due to random spills and splashes. Moreover, it provides a smooth glossy finish to the surface. Be vigilant while applying the paint by taking proper precautionary steps. Wear a mask, gloves, and do cover the area around the radiator, so the mist doesn’t affect the walls.


  • More coverage
  • Stops rust
  • Tolerates high temperatures
  • Retains color
  • Washable
  • Anti-moisture


  • 2-3 coats required

This spray paint from a renowned brand is here to make things simple for you. It works efficiently, costing you less money. So this is a worthy investment you can make when planning the home decor.

Cheapest Radiator Paint

5. Ronseal One Coat Radiator Paint Gloss

Cheapest Radiator Paint

Ronseal One Coat radiator paint guarantees a white glossy shine over the whole surface with just one coat. The well-proportioned consistency of this paint deploys an even layer of enamel onto the surface. Being this the reason, Ronseal One coat is mentioned in our list of best radiator paints.

The paint covers an approximate area of 13m2 per liter. Having said that, it magically paints the surface with just one coat. So you are saved from the efforts of applying a second coat. The smooth glossy finish is something to appreciate. It stays white for long, showing resilience to fading and yellowing.

You won’t need a primer if the radiator already has a painted surface. However, on the bare surface, apply the primer first before brushing the paint. You can apply the paint with a brush or a roller, and then see the paint preventing rust, scratches, and scuffs, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Although being solvent-based paint, it still has an easy application, and the durability speaks volume. The enamel formed gets quick dry within the regular 6 hours, and if you still have some missing areas, you can apply the second coat after 16 hours.


  • Only one coat is enough
  • Stays white
  • Glossy finish
  • Quick-dry


  • May cause allergic reaction

Ronseal radiator paint has a versatile composition. Besides painting the radiators, you can also furnish other interior metal surfaces conveniently. So bring home this paint, as a proficient paint and update your DIY collection.

Buying Guide

Heading to the buying guide now, we will be explaining some of the significant attributes you have to check before buying a radiator paint.

Tips for Applying Radiator Paint

If it’s a DIY activity or you hired a professional for painting the interior of your house, specifically the radiators, then make sure that criteria are met, so you eventually get the best results. We are listing here some tips that you can follow!

The radiator paint has two application methods. Either you can spray it directly on the surface, or you can paint it with a brush. So it depends upon your preference. Spray paints take less time, and canned cans have more quantity. Along with this, estimate the budget it will cost you and then make a choice.

Color and finish of the paint is also a matter of personal preference. You can think of any color combination and go for any finish, either satin or glossy. However, the perfect color for the radiator is white. Do keep in mind that a top-notch paint sustains its white color for long and will show strong resistance towards fading and yellowing.

Along with this, you have to check the total coverage area of the paint. Typically the paints cover an approximate area of 9 to 13m2 per liter. Here comes the point of the final coat. If the top coat leaves a gap on some patches, then you might require a second coat. Other than that, you can apply the second coat for enhancing the sturdiness and strength of the paint.

If the paint is washable, its a bonus point for you because it can be easily cleaned and wiped. The best paints are the one that is tough, hard-wearing, and durable. They stay adhered to the surface for longer, and they show remarkable resistance to rust, moisture, scratches, and scuff.

Radiator paints are available in two different compositions. One is the water-based formulation of acrylic containing paints, and the other is the oil-based paints. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, water-based paints are washable and have a thin consistency, while oil-based paints demand more effort in cleaning, but due to their thick viscosity, they impart a dense layer on the surface.

Another factor is the amount of VOCs, if you are searching radiator paints for less ventilated areas, then make sure that they contain less VOCs so that they don’t release more toxic fumes.


Protect, furnish, and enhance the efficiency of the radiators in your home with the radiator paints. While common perceptions prevail that normal paints can be applied to the radiators, these paints designed specifically for radiators show their importance by upgrading the performance of the radiators by 10 to 20 percent. Where more coats can reduce heat transfer, we have paints offering only one coat that is enough for the radiator.

Do you know why the paint on the radiators cracks, that’s when it is exposed to the damp or moist fabric? So the radiator paints impart anti-moist qualities to the radiators, thus ensuring maintenance of the heating elements.


Do I need to prime a radiator before painting?

A special radiator primer is required to cover up any rusted patches on the surface. It will provide a stronger base on which you can apply the paint.

Can I put on heating after painting the radiator?

Not instantly! You have to wait for at least 24 hours for it to dry and settle before you put on the heating completely.

What is special about radiator paint?

A specialist radiator paint is developed especially to sustain its color, avoid wear and tear, and resist rust for long.

Wrapping up this discussion, we are now confident that you have obtained significant information regarding the radiator paints. This is surely going to help you in finalizing the right product for you. Check out our recent posts as well, and share with us your feedback. Happy shopping!