5 Best Satinwood Paint (Non-Yellowing) Reviews

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 07/08/2021

Get rid of old fashioned glossy paints and use the best alternatives available in the form of Best Satinwood Paint. They have been endorsed as the symbol of decency, elegance, and sophistication, which is unachievable with matte and gloss paints. The sophistication these paints impart to the interior will leave you speechless.

Best Satinwood Paint

The finish acquired is the flawless blend of gloss and mattress, neither overpowering any of it. They are the ideal choice of interior designer offering classic modern yet traditional effects. They are recommended for application on any wood and metal surfaces.

Are we thinking of heading over to the browser and searching for the best satinwood paints? Well, wait, because we have already done the job. We have gathered five top-rated satinwood paints available. Scroll down to further know the details of each one.

Satinwood Paint Satinwood Paint Johnstone’s 303929 – Satinwood Paint
  • Colour: Brilliant White
  • Size: 1.25 litres
  • Manufacturer: PPG Architectural Coatings UK & Ireland
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Water-Based Satinwood Paint Water-Based Satinwood Paint Dulux Quick Dry – Water Based Satinwood Paint
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
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Non-Yellowing Paint Non-Yellowing Paint Dulux Once Satinwood Paint – Non-Yellowing
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 0.75 litres
  • Manufacturer: AkzoNobel
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Quick Dry Paint Quick Dry Paint Crown Quick Dry Satin – Best Paint of UK
  • Colour: White Quick Dry Satin
  • Size: 2.5 litres
  • Manufacturer: Crown
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White Satinwood Paint White Satinwood Paint Dulux Trade – Water Based Satinwood
  • Colour: Pure Brilliant White
  • Size: 1 litres
  • Manufacturer: Dulux
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Best Satinwood Paint 2021

  1. The Best Satinwood Paint – Johnstone’s 303929
  2. Water Based Satinwood Paint – Dulux Quick Dry
  3. Best Non-Yellowing Satinwood Paint – Dulux Once Satinwood Paint
  4. Best Satinwood Paint of UK – Crown Quick Dry Satin
  5. Water Based Satinwood – Dulux Trade

The Best Satinwood Paint

1. Johnstone’s 303929 – Quick Dry Satin

The Best Satinwood Paint

Being the top pick of DIYers, Johnstone’s 303929 Quick Dry Satin is the go-to satinwood paint of the majority. Amazingly pigmented, clean, and welcoming results are some words that can describe this product. It is available in different statement worthy shades from bold to warming to fit your needs.

This extravagantly formulated paint has been fine-tuned with years of hard work. The non-yellowing formula keeps it brand new as the day of application. Jhontones has carefully experimented with composition to keep fuming ingredients low while retaining the quality. Low odor speaks for the success. You can employ Johnstone’s 303929 Quick Dry Satin for renovating tiny spaces.

Declared as best for altering the look of doors, windows, radiators, and staircases, it is best satinwood paint for small or large scale indoor projects. Johnstone’s 303929 Quick Dry Satin does what it claims as well. It fully dries in time of one to two hours. Long gone are the days when you had to patiently wait for days to achieve full complete drying.

Due to the water-based formula, cleaning is not a hectic job anymore. No chemicals needed, just use water, and the stain is gone. To obtain better results, always use a compatible primer before applying paint. The way it will smoothly glide on a wooden or metal surface without spillage will leave your praising.


  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Water-based
  • Less content of Volatile Organic Compound
  • Comes in three varying sizes


  • May leak during shipping

Commended and applauded for the performance, Johnstone’s 303929 Quick Dry Satin has become a favorite of enthusiastic painters over the globe. The range of eye-pleasing colors it offers along with durable formula, has forced people to rave about it online. The reduced use of fuming agents makes it environment friendly as well as effective for small spaces.

Water Based Satinwood Paint

2. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint

Water Based Satinwood Paint

Dominating the paint industry of the United Kingdom and making its mark in Europe, Dulux has emerged as one of the most trustworthy brands with consistency. If you are searching for a paint that gives a mid-sheen look to the level of perfection, then Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint For Wood And Metal is a dream come true.

One liter covers a 12 meter square of the area flawlessly consuming all the imperfections. Work in small and even strokes to obtain the ideal balances and smooth finish. The quantity supplied in one bucket is 2.5 Liters, which gives a total covering of 30-meter square. Say goodbye to undercoats because Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint is self coating.

The formula is also wipeable, imparted with non-yellowing agents that retain the freshness. Another ultimate feature that you will love is quick-drying characteristics. After application, leave for one hour to achieve touch dry and six hours for a hard finish. To obtain faster results, keep the windows and doors open for the recommended amount of time.

The products come in a soft warming shade of cream along with bright white. These universal and natural shades are scientifically proven to reflect light making the space more lit. Moreover, they effortlessly fit in nearly every hue palette. The paint will seamlessly cover wooden furniture, doors, windows, and architrave.



  • Not appropriate for hated surfaces
  • Needs more than one coat

The water-based formula, low odorless composition, the quick-drying formula will leave you stunned with the ease of use. Nonetheless, Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint gives the best painting experience for beginners as well as regular painters. It has everything you might look for in any satinwood paint.

Best Non Yellowing Satinwood Paint

3. Dulux 5091096 Once Satinwood Paint

Best Non Yellowing Satinwood Paint

Grabbing the third spot in the list of best satinwood paint with impressive output is Dulux Once Satinwood Paint. For all the people with an eye on good quality white satinwood paint, we can safely say that this is your product. The one-coat finish is an instant relief as well, as there is no trouble with multiple coats for the expected outcome.

Dulux makes the rightful claim of providing the best coverage with 16 meter square per litter. No buckets of paint needed, the 2.5 L of Dulux Once Satinwood Paint will sufficiently fulfill your needs. The formula also fits well on previously painted or primed surfaces. It complements only interior wooden and metal surfaces, thus refrain from utilizing it outside.

The brush used will also determine the final look achieved. So, always use a high-quality brush to obtain a clean and even outcome. You may need a second coat on a darker base. Let the first coat dry for an ample amount of hours ( recommended 16 hrs) to get the first coat ready for recoating.

Dulux Once Satinwood Paint has been highly applauded for the time-saving application it offers. The self undercoating and one coat grants extremely easy and simple experience of painting. You will not need to spent days on multiple coating to conceal all the flaws from previous paints.


  • One Coat
  • No undercoat
  • Durable
  • Best Coverage
  • Easy to apply


16 hours for drying

As mentioned before, if you are short on time but still don’t want to compromise on the output, then there can be no better choice than Dulux Once Satinwood Paint. It gives the maximized quality results with a little amount of effort and time. Thus, for people busy on schedule, spare one weekend and give a new look to the house.

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Best Satinwood Paint of UK

4. Crown Quick Dry Satin Pure Brilliant White

Best Satinwood Paint of UK

Serving as an affordable renovating agent for old and outdated homes, Crown Quick Dry Satin is another option available in terms of best satinwood paints. There are some new features infused, such as breath easy technology granting a solvent-free ratio of 99% to the paint. As with normal paints, breathing is interrupted because of the release of Volatile Organic Compounds.

It makes Crown Quick Dry Satin befitting for use in areas with less airflow. The finish obtained from it is halfway between mid-sheen and glossy texture. Other commendable features that we loved are quick-drying and long-lasting whiteness. The non-yellowish formulation imparts the longevity of whiteness.

How can they miss out on quick drying while incorporating several characteristics? Yes! It comes with quick-drying formula as well. The product touch dries in just one hour, saving you an ample amount of time. The use of Crown Quick Dry Satin will considerably enhance the durability of your wood and metal elements because of the long-lasting finish it imparts.

Nonetheless, it provides high coverage of 16-meter square. The coverage may vary on a range of surfaces, depending on porosity. The porous material tends to absorb applied material reducing the coverage. The applicatory agents can vary from brush to spray depending on your choice as it gives satisfactory results with all tools.


  • Quick Drying
  • Breatheasy technology
  • High coverage
  • Reliable
  • Non-yellowing formula


  • Difficult to apply with a brush

Lastly, with the best adherence, quality coverage, low odor, Crown Quick Dry Satin is the most affordable option amongst the best sainthood paints. The 2.5 L of quantity is another perk along with advanced features. It performs well compared to oil-based paints with a less intense smell. According to us, Crown Quick Dry Satin is the paint you have been missing on

Water Based Satinwood

5. Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW

Water Based Satinwood

Aiming to provide an ultimate satin finish with the water-based formula, Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW 1L is widely known for its excellence. The noteworthy features like toughness and reliabilities brigs it to the list of best satinwood paints. The range of amounts it offers from 1 L to 5 L let you purchase the required quantity with ease

It combines easy maintenance and application. The paint can sustain repeated washes for cleaning purposes. The formula can be comfortably applied with the help of roller, spray, or brush. After applying, Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW 1L will need a touch dry time of six-hour. Common with the satin based formula, it has some toxic chemicals incorporated. So, be careful in using it in less airy spaces.

This version from Dulux paints provides the highest coverage in the range of satinwood paints. The 17-meter square per liter will go a long way, then you will expect. It can be applied to previously coated interior wood and metal surfaces. No undercoat needed leads to more reduction in the overall cost.


  • Great for painting previously painted surfaces
  • 17-meter square of coverage
  • Mid sheen finish
  • Easy to use


  • Intense smell
  • Needs more than one coat

The most convincing feature of Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW 1L is extraordinary coverage. It reduces the overall cost required for the product. It is an ultimate pick for people under the budget. Above all, it works efficiently well on already painted surfaces. Thus affordability and ease of use are the prime features of Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW 1L.

Wrapping Up

Are you hiring a painter for putting new colors? Old school. Just grab a brush and roller and go rolling. It is how easy to use these products are. Look for versatile features and affordability in paint before purchasing and make a good deal. Head over to the links to make the purchase now.

Is Dulux satinwood any good?

Yes, numerous products available in the range of satinwood paint are good performing. Our top pick is Dulux Trade Satinwood PBW 1L, Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint, and Dulux Once Satinwood Paint.

Is gloss or satinwood better?

Both of them are better, but it is your choice that matters. Satinwood paints give the semi-gloss result that is halfway in matte and gloss finish.

How do I get a good finish with satinwood?

Clean the surface well before use. Apply two or three coats and let it completely dry between recoating. Also, rub down and patiently wait to achieve the best results.

Winding things up, the best satinwood paints are highly desired by people with a likeness for the mid-sheen finish. We recommend you to always check the reviews before buying the paint for home-based DIYs and large scale renovations. The products we have mentioned are praised for giving satisfaction and enduring output.