5 Best Ways to Clean Paint Brushes (5 Methods Explained) 2021

We have all done it, let the paint dry on the brush and then throw that brush away because we think we have lost the opportunity to take off color from its bristles. The purchase of high-quality brushes is useless if you don’t clean and store them properly after every use.

However, paint brushes are relatively easy to use, but they require a lot of time and hassle to clean, especially if you are working on a tight schedule. But, in this guide, I will show you the five best ways to clean your paint brushes effortlessly, which will save you some good fortune and time for your next painting project.

Best Ways to Clean Paint Brushes

1. By Using Solvents

2. By Using Vinegar

3. By Using Fabric Softener

4. Using Liquid Dish Washing Soap

5. Using Rubbing Alcohol

Wrapping up

After every time you use it, cleaning the paint brushes will hold the bristles in the perfect shape and keep them useable for a long time. However, it entirely depends on you which materials you already have on your hand for the cleaning. It is preferable to clean the brushes immediately after the use and don’t soak the paint brushes in the solvent or warm water for a long time as it may damage your brush bristles.

Nevertheless, it will be helpful to keep, so you don’t have to switch between the two bases, which makes the cleaning much more comfortable and efficient. I hope after skimming through this guide, you will be able to clean your brushes effortlessly with these five best ways to clean your paint brushes.

Happy Painting!