Cost To Paint A Room in 2023 – Estimation And Cost

Painting is one of the easiest ways to fresh the house, office, and room. However, a painting may appear your room look like a newly and fresh also. But when you have decided to paint the room or house, the main question is considering the cost of Painting A Room.

Yet, a painting cost depends on the room area that how wide-area you paint. Also, it depends on the quality and brand because most of the brands offer a high amount of the cost and most of the brand offers low amount. However, the average cost of quality paints ranges between 955$ to 2890$, which depends on the surface area.

Therefore if you also know the exact Cost To Paint A Room, read this guide. You will get answers to all your questions.

Cost To Paint A Room Per Square Foot

Calculate the Cost to Paint a Room

The average cost to paint a room starts from 200$ by 10 by 12 feet of ranges. In this measurement, the average cost of the paints is 200$ to 800$. Yet when you estimated the overall cost, calculate the measures feet ranges and price. You will get the estimated cost.

You can also estimate the average price to paint a room by following the bellow calculation; 

  • Calculate the wall area: To estimate the exact cost, multiply the wall area with the room height; 44 × 8 = 352 square feet.
  • Find the wall area: By adding the length of each wall for the perimeter. 10 by 12 feet room add the four corners of the length of the wall. For example; 10 + 12 + 10 + 12 = 44 feet.
  • Subtract Door and windows area: while calculating the height and length, use the same above method to calculate the windows and doors area. After calculating the number of the door and windows area, subtract it from the wall area. For example, if your one door exists 21 square feet and 16 square feet for a window. Subtract the number (above first method number) 352 – 16 – 21 = 315 square feet. 
  • Calculate the cost to hire a painter: Once you calculate above all methods, calculate the painter’s charge of $1.50 to $4 per square foot of coverage area. Means 315 x $1.50 = 472.50 or 315 x $4 = $1,260.

Calculate the paint you need:

A gallon of paint can typically cover 400 square feet. According to experts, paint two coats and buy more than you need: (315 / 400) 2 = 1.6 gallons.

Once you have calculated the paint cost by following the above calculation, you may check the price from the store for the paint. Because most of the painters offer to charge high price depends on the brand or quality. 


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