How To Get Gloss Paint Off Clothes in 2022 – A Comprehensive Guide

by Nicole Miles | Last Updated: 14/09/2021

Paint stains on the clothes or carpet are the most irritating thing that shows the room or clothing looks noisy. Have you also worried about removing the gloss paint off clothes? If yes, read this article because I was also faced with this common thing, and I was worried about how to get gloss paint off clothes. 

Since I discussed with my friend, she told me the amazing way to remove off the gloss paint off clothes. And you can’t imagine that idea was going just like an amazed. However, I would share the methods to remove gloss paint from clothes.

Let’s start with the method to get Gloss Paint off clothes. 

How To Get Gloss Paint Off Clothes

Methods to Removing the Paint off Clothes in 2022

While I was worried, my friends tell me the two working methods to remove the paint off. I have shared both methods with you. 

Removing the water-based Paints 

Most of the household emulsion is based on water based gloss paints, which is amazed. The paint can be more easily removed from clothes when painted with water-based instead of oil-based paint. Yet, you need to follow the below instructions if your paint stains got water-based paint.

The paint stains will be getting off from the clothes once you apply the above method because the water-based paint colors are the easiest way to paint and get off. 

How to remove dried gloss paint from clothes

Removing the Oil-Based Paints

If the paint you are using is glossy oil based paint, it may be tricky to remove the stains. As I mentioned above the oil-based paints are tricky to remove. But don’t worry, I will tell you the proper method to rinse off. 

Also, this method is my favorite because I also got the paint stain from oil-based paint, and I applied the same below method.

The paint will be rinsed off by following the above method. However, the most stubborn paint will also remove with the paint thinner. 


The most stubborn paint stains, either your gloss paint, are oil-based or water-based. You can apply the above method to get off the paint. I hope the method of How to get gloss paint off clothes will be workable for you same as it is workable for me. So why not trying at this time? Try the method as soon as possible and comment on how your experiment goes with my method.

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