How To Make Gold Paint in 2023 – 3 Easy Ways!

Gold paint is a popular color in landscape and realistic paintings and even for home and magazine designs. However, if you don’t have gold paint and you need to paint the metallic gold color, then how do you paint? Let me help you with telling you the techniques of How To Make Gold Paint in 2023.

Making precise gold effects is one of the best ideas if you need a metallic painting or not. Think about it, if you need to make a realistic gold paint color, and you bought the color from the store, and the shopkeeper has ended, how to mix the gold paint in your paintings? In this case, making your gold paint color will help you complete your professional and personal work.

How To Make Golden Colour At Home

3 Ways of How to Make Gold Paint 

 In every color, the gold color symbolizes magic, glamour, wealth, which makes sketching or painting more interesting and realistic. It is one of the charms and warm colors that makes the perfect look undertones.

Fortunately, experts tell us how to make gold paint by mixing various colors to create the perfect look of gold color. Even if you want a metallic or sparkly gold color, you can add glitter or pigment while making a gold color.

Method 1: Make a Gold Base

Firstly make the base color by mixing brown and yellow to make the goldenrod shades. Yet, you can add one tube of yellow and one tube of brown if you have a tube. Because adding the tube will help you to maintain the quantity of both colors.

Simply, after adding the tube, mix it together with equal parts of the color. Color will be turned off into the traditional mustard color of gold. Alternatively, if the color looks bland or beige, you can add a drop of red and blue color to bring out the undertones. Your golden color is now ready!

Method 2: Make a Brown Based Gold Color

For turning the colors into brown-based:

  • Add the red, yellow, and blue colors.
  • Mix them all by adding an equal amount of these three colors.
  • Add the drop of the green to create the green shade (lightly).

It creates a charming brown, golden color. However, if you want a brighter gold color, add the yellow color and mix it well until the color turns off into your desired color.

Method 3: Make a Deep Gold Color

Add the black, yellow, and red colors to create the deep golden color. Take a palette and mix these three colors with the help of the Best Paint Brush and mix it until it turns into maroon color.

After mixing it well, add yellow mixture color to make it lighter together. This process creates a shade of true gold that resembles color.


Now, finally, you got the ways of how to make gold paint. Therefore, consider the above methods you desire, like deep gold color, brown-based color, and gold-based color. So that you can easily mix the color by mixing the primary colors and being able to create the gold color.

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