How To Paint A UPVC Door in 2023 – Complete Guide

How To Paint A UPVC Door Interoduction:

PVC is also known as the scientific circle of Polyvinyl chloride, one of the popular material constructions that become famous day by day. Since it is durable, cheap, and lightweight, it is more popular than steel and wood. Therefore if your door is made with PVC and it seems like an old one, try to paint an upvc on the door.

But the tricky thing is How To Paint A UPVC Door Let me clear your confusion to tell you the ways by step by step guide. The first and foremost thing is to consider what techniques to use while painting a PVC door!

However, in this guide, you will learn all the methods to paint on an upvc door and the paint you should use for painting on the PVC door.

How To Paint A UPVC Door

What Paints to Use on a PVC Paint?

Although, there are lots of paints available in the market to paint on the door. But on certain materials, there should be use selected paints to paint on the steel, wood, and PVC materials. Even for PVC doors, there are lots of paints available in the market. However, not all the paints quality is reliable and durable?

The most common and my favorite paint is Becky from Pinks Charming, which comes in almost 20 shades. These paints are durable and straight to paint onto PVC. That’s why it is one of my favorite choices. However, you can also choose this type of paint to color on the upvc door.

How to Paint a PVC Door

After getting the painting color, it’s time to color on the door. Therefore before painting on the door, make sure to keep the door clean where you painted. And then follow these below steps;

Protect the Door features with tape

Once you clean up the door, apply the masking tape on that area to protect them. This is particularly important to manipulate the area. You can also rape up the curvy tape, depending on the design you need to make them.

Prime your Door

Using the Zinsser primer is perfect and incredible to applying the paint on the upvc door. It is certainly needed on two layers for coating rather than painting the thick coat. Besides, this primer dries quickly and is very easy to apply because of its thin coating. Therefore, apply the primer by removing the hardware things if you place any picture, showpiece, or décor on the door.

Paint the Color

Once you apply the primer and it’s dried fully, apply the paint color you have selected. The results may be more improved than brush strokes by using egg shell finish paints or gloss-based paints. Thus, it would be perfect to use eggshell or gloss-based paints; however, if you had an original hardwood door.

Also, try to keep paint by having one direction of brush strokes. If you use one direction brush, it will help you to avoid brushes strokes. Once it is dry, try to coat them for finishing. 


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