How to Paint New Plaster in 2023 – Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

How to Paint New Plaster introduction:

Newly plastered walls are more difficult to paint than a regular wall. If your paint is new plaster paint, you will require more effort, but the question is How To Paint New Plaster? It seems tricky and tricky, but if you want to paint yourself, you can read the guide below that will assist you. 

However, if you are fed up watching videos instead of reading an article. I would recommend reading this article that will help you with the following steps. As an expert suggests, I have learned and done implements before I write this article, and believe me, this trick is very easy and quite simple to know How to Paint New Plaster.

So, let’s take a look at how to paint on new plaster!

Can I paint straight onto new plaster

What you’ll need

  • Water 
  • Dust Sheets 
  • Emulsion for the mist coat 
  • Topcoat paint 
  • Decorator’s tape or masking tape
  • Paintbrush or roller

1. Let the Plaster Dry

When painting on the new plaster, you will need to dry the new plaster that you are going to use on it. It will take at least a week to dry out all the patches. However, when the plaster dries, you can see it light without dark spots.

Yet, if you can’t wait till a week, you can open a window and dry them with a heater. Secondly, painting on the dried plaster can also be caused to dry it very fast, but this process may leave uneven finishing and irregular brush strokes. Therefore, for applying this procedure, you will need to apply a mist coat.

Note: While taking the plaster for drying, put down the dust sheet by using the masking tape to protect it from any fittings and fixtures. 

2. Mix a Mist Coat

A mist coat is made with watered-down emulsion paint that acts like a primer. If you add the extra mixture, it will be more helpful to absorb it and stick to top-coating. 

Therefore, for making the mix coats, take three parts of the emulsion with one part of the water. Check the paint thin while adding the water into it. 

3. Apply and Dry the Mist Coat

After making the mist coat, apply the mist coat on the plaster; thus, there are two experts’ ways to apply the mist coat. However, you can apply the mist coat by roller and with the best paint brush

But applying the moist coat by roller is easier than a brush, but it may become very messy. Alternatively, applying the mist coat with the brush may take time, but it will not leave strokes and dirty coats. 

After applying the mist coat, wait 24 hours until the mist coat will dry and then apply the topcoat. 

4. Apply Topcoat

When your mist coat dries, you can apply the topcoat with an equal surface. You can also apply the topcoat with the V motion for the best results. 


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I hope you learned How to paint new plaster from the above article so that you can try methods by following them easily!

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