How To Paint Pine Furniture in 2023 – Step By Step Guide

How To Paint Pine Furniture Introduction

Making a new and varnished piece of furniture, including tables and cabinets, is easier than painting on the wall. However, painting on the pine furniture will make it more cool and reliable for the long term. But if you are not professional and want to paint yourself, you need to understand How To Paint Pine Furniture

To tell you all the ways, I analyzed the best techniques in order to give you the best way and best method. So that if you want to be a professional, you can do yourself by reading and implementing the below article; 

The easier way will help you a lot to paint pine furniture. Let’s consider on below methods to how to paint pine furniture,

How to Paint Unfinished Pine Wood

Ways to Paint Pine Furniture

There are some ways to paint the pine furniture, but before painting the furniture. Cleaning is more important because if you don’t clean the furniture before painting it, the dust may disturb you while you are working on it. 

Prepare the table

Preparing the table is the first thing to do. Remove things on the table first, whatever you placed on it. Then clean the table with the household cleaner. You can also wear disposable gloves and use scouring pads to clean the table. 

Despite this, use a sponge and gel to clean the dirty area from the table. Yet make sure before cleaning the tables follow the manufacturer’s instructions first to clean the products. It will help you to make it clean and durable.

Fill the imperfections

If you see any cracks on the table surface, fill all the imperfection areas and holes in the table or furniture. However, it is best to paint before filling all imperfection areas by filler with a knife. Apply putty with the knife to fill all the cracks and make it flat as possible to do.

Sand the table

By using 180-grit sandpaper, polish the furniture. You might use 240-grit sandpaper for a better finish. You don’t have to remove the varnish totally; simply etch the surface to allow the primer to adhere to it. 

Therefore, sanding in the direction of the grain is a good idea. Wash away any debris with a moist cloth after sanding.

Apply the Primer

Wear gloves to protect your hands. Then mix the primer and apply it with the paint roller and paint on the furniture smoothly. If the surface is too large, you can use a roller; rather than this, you can also use the paintbrush if the surface is small. It depends on the surface and space where you paint. 

Once the first layer dried out, apply the second coat of the primer to make it smooth and perfect. Apply the second layer after a light sanding with 180-grit sandpaper, wiping away any dust.

Apply Paint 

After applying the primer coat:

  • Use the water-based enamel paint because it dries quickly and it is very easy to clean.
  • Hence, apply the coat with the brush or roller on the surface by covering the whole area.
  • Once the coat will dry, apply the coat of the paint to make it durable and perfect for long years. 


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