How To Paint Skirting Boards in 2023 – Comprehensive Guide

Painting on the skirting boards may change the look of the room with huge impacts. Yet knowing; How To Paint Skirting Boards in 2023 can be a bit tricky, but if you don’t know, I will let you know all the tricks and steps to paint on the skirting board.

So, if you are crazy about painting on the skirting boards, you may get an excellent idea from here! And once you know the ways of painting on the skirting boards, you may feel quite remarkable because the skirting paint plays a vital impact. Thus, let’s take a look at their ways. 

How to paint skirting boards without brush marks

Things You Will Need to Paint On The Skirting Boards.

  • Sugar soap solution
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Sponge
  • 2” paintbrush
  • Dust sheet
  • Skirting board paint
  • Masking tape

Preparing The Skirting Boards 

If you apply the water-based color, you may need to get it on the floor or carpet. It will help you to wipe it out easily without taking too much risk. Therefore prepare the carpet or floor, and then place the skirting boards into it with the tape down a dust sheet. 

1. Wipe down and clean your skirting boards with sugar-white vinegar and a brush. You don’t want it to be immortalized in paint, so remove all dust, dirt, and grease.

2. Sanding your skirting boards before painting them is a good idea. Polishing provides a better surface for the paint to attach to, allowing you to apply fewer coats. Thoroughly sand your skirting board’s top and brush away any dust. And then allow it to dry completely.

How to Paint Skirting Boards

After preparing the skirting board for drying, you will need a professional finish surface to make it look. Use the brushes and dip them into the primer covering of the bristles and wipe it away on the rim of the paint tub. However, the overlapping of the brush will increase the chances of the drips to make it the primer look.

Then, start from the top of the skirting board and position the brush. Use the brush surface at the same angle and paint it from the right corner to the left. After applying the brush at once, repeat the brush surface from the bottom section of the skirting boards to the upper.

After filling the upper and bottom sections, fill the middle sections. Then you should leave the primer for drying and take it for at least two hours. Apply the first layer of paint as fast as the primer is dried. It should be applied in the same manner as the primer. You’ll probably need two coats for the most significant effects.

When you finish the painting, remove the taps while you start the paint you applied. Yet, leave the dust sheet to dry more until it dries completely.


Your room may be décor and look perfect if you know How to paint skirting boards. However, it is quite easy to paint on the skirt once you perfectly know how to paint and look at it properly. Above all, the methods will help you to apply the paint on the skirting boards. I have shared all my ways and experiences which I have applied to paint on them.

If you also know more techniques or ways, leave a comment with us and share with us!

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